The days are getting hotter in Bangalore and the promised rain clouds have slowly wandered away after showering for a few days. I cannot believe that summer is already upon us. I have two months to go before I get on to some personal work and I am wondering where to go. I am not so much a summer traveler. The hills will no longer offer me the solitude as it will be crowded with tourists and it is hot any where and every where else.I do not want to do short trips anymore. And I cannot get myself to brave the heat and wander into the forests for tiger tourism and even there,  it will be crowded as well . So, I am back to surfing the net and looking for cheap flights. Recently there was a bit of a news when airlines were competing with each other to offer the lowest fares in the market. Domestic flights would hopefully get cheap this summer but where do you think I should go ?


  1. Sharan Saikumar 15 April, 2013 at 11:56 Reply

    hi Laxmi,

    came upon your blog while researching my next destination. Have just finished authoring a Lonely Planet Guide and since you are looking for summer destinations wanted to recommend a weekend in Binsar.. it’s wild, un-touristed and incredible for birding.


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