Thanks Ugich Konitari …

I’ve received a lot of comments and appreciation for my posts. Most of you have shared experiences, asked queries, given me awards and these motivate me to keep posting. However, I was quite touched when one blogger,Ugich Konitari aka Suranga Date posted this poem as a comment on my previous post .UK said that the first picture inspired her . I am no photograher , nor do I call myself one. My photographs are just accessories to my writing. But coming from UK, who is a prolific blogger , who writes on a variety of subjects, whose posts are highly perceptive and sensitive with her trademark sense of humour – it is a great inspiration. Her blogs ,Strewn Ashes and Gappa are a must read . She introduces herself as ” an old lady in the seventh decade of her life ” ,but her writing is so fresh and youthful, that you can hardly believe that she is several decades older than me. Here is the poem that she posted .

Valleys and peaks
in life,
Thick with hopes,
worries and questions,
Green foliage
the hidden
cracks and roads
in the mountain.

But life goes on,
the wind stops
for no one,
as you look up
at the horizon,
to see
your future life
again with
lots of ups and downs,
but certainly lighter
and lighter
as the clouds
float in
to mist your eyes….



  1. Ugich Konitari 2 May, 2010 at 14:29 Reply

    Thank you for the very kind words about me and my blogs.

    You say “I am no photographer !” ….!

    All I can say, is that you have a wonderful eye for color and composition, and a great respect for nature. The trick is to make your photos talk. And yours do. And they complement your amazing write ups so well !

    And yes, thank you for linking to my two blogs, Strewn Ashes and Gappa !

  2. Lakshmi 2 May, 2010 at 17:11 Reply

    UK – Thanks again..I seriously am no surrounded by so many professional photographers, for whom Im not even an amateur level..

    Jeevan – You shd thank UK for the read her blogs..

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