Travel Tuesday–Play of light in Padmanabhapuram palace

padmanabha palace -light
It is beautiful to see the sheer amount of wood and the play of light in this palace , built near Kanyakumari by the Venad kings. The Venad kings started their reign over Travancore from this region before moving base . The ancient palace ringed in by the Western Ghats stands as the testimony to the origins of the dynasty. It is believed that the ruler Marthanda Varma dedicated his kingdom to his family deity Padmanabha and Padmanabhapuram lost its significance when the capital was eventually shifted from here to Trivandrum in the 18th century .
This was one of the places we visited in the Naanjil Naadu tour. To see more Naanjil Naadu stories, visit here


  1. ~j~ 14 September, 2012 at 11:45 Reply

    I visited this palace in 2010. The woodwork is really wonderful and the whole palace can take quite a while to see in its entirety. But worth it. I have similar photos of the play of light. Nice click!

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