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The traveller and her tablet – Lenovo Yoga 2 Tablet

Lenovo Yoga 2 Tablet

I always have to perform a bit of an acrobatics when I have to do a security check at an airport. And in the last 20 days of globetrotting, I would have done as many circus antics as possible, while bequeathing every single possession I had, to the officer at the security. Under the scrutiny of the officers at US and Canada airports, it was quite an ordeal. Out came the laptop, the tablet, the camera, the mobile, the batteries, the pouch, the jacket, the scarf, the shoes (anything else ?) and then I am summoned by the guys again as they have to screen the laptop and the tablet together again. Barefoot I walk back and forth and then parade in front of them so that I don’t keep beeping away. Once the ordeal is over, it is time to repack and put the gadgets back to where they belong.

I always have to juggle lugging both the laptop and the tablet. The tablet is lighter but slippery and it vanishes under the folds of the backpack while the laptop is heavy and I have to push it into the backpack. I work on the go and I often wonder if I need both.

The laptop is a constant, a heavy piece of antiquity but a loyal friend which is multi functional. But the tablet is a gadget that I need getting used to.  It seemed to be the in thing to carry and so I decided to own one. One of the all time iconic brands died on me(can that happen ?? ) and then I started using another just to watch movies. Frankly if you ask me, it is a pain holding it in my hands, like a mirror and watching films. Sometimes I feel stupid, as if am staring at the screen. Then I tried, placing it on the table and I usually fall asleep when looking down at the screen.

I don’t know about you but I need to share a bond with my gadgets. After all they respond to my touch. And we need to have an unspoken code of compatibility. It usually starts with the posture. As am leaning on my bed and typing this, my machine is comfortably propped up on pillows and we have a moment between us. But with the tablet, I still have an impersonal relationship. I ask myself why do I need the tablet especially when I carry a laptop and the smart phone ? And then my brother recommended a hybrid – the Lenova Yoga tab 2,  that is both a lappie and a tab

Lenovo Yoga 2 Tablet

Lenovo Yoga 2 Tablet

I like the name Yoga. Quite apt considering the many postures and modes the gadget adapts itself to the user. I don’t have to crane my neck anymore. I can hang it where I please.. perhaps even on a clothes liner.  It is flexible and can be moulded into any shape. My favourite is what they call the tilt mode. Ideal to watch movies, which is what I will still use the tablet for and it looks like a tent. In the olden days, I am told there were no theatres, villagers used to sit in a tent and watch a movie. Fits the mode of the gadget if you ask me.

Lenovo Yoga 2 tablet

Watching a movie on a tablet

And then you can tilt it to any angle, even curl up beside it if you like. It fits apparently very beautifully in your palm and the screen with HD display is an absolute delight. As you play around with it, shifting modes and postures, the clarity of the screen never fades away. But the best part is that it is flexible, adjusts entirely to your needs and is out of the box when it comes to the design. All that is now required is to find out whether it responds to my touch and if we can be compatible as work partners.

This post is written as a review for Lenovo


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