Video of the week – Wake up to a folk artist

Rajasthan- folk singers
Rajasthan folk artist video, Rajasthan folk singers photo

Rajasthan- folk singers

In Rajasthan , one can hear folk music everywhere – hotels, forts, gardens and cenotaphs. And these performers are rather outstanding and most of them play for the tourists hoping for a few coins in appreciation of their art. I have seen street performers everywhere in the West – especially in metro stations and they are extremely talented. I was in Cambodia recently and there are musicians in front of most temples. However this artist from Jodhpur, sitting in front of Jaswant Thada got my attention . His music had a melancholic feel to it while he looked a bit bored and disappointed as well. I left a few notes after taking this video.


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  1. Rajat 21 March, 2017 at 13:34 Reply

    The land of Rajasthan has the smell of culture and music is the soul here. It is so fascinating to watch and hear this soothing music. That’s why they say ‘Rang Rangeelo Rajasthan’.

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