A sneak preview into the historic past of the old city , Warangal. The fort built by the Kakatiya rulers in the 12 century. The four Keerti Toranas (gateways of glory )which symbolise Kakatiyas architecture still stand today in the four directions…More than 30 feet high, these stone gateways enclose many sculptures and pillars ..more on this in a few days

Pls do click on the snaps to see them in their original size


  1. Lakshmi 31 October, 2008 at 13:36 Reply

    Vishesh – Thanks ..they are awesome

    Alok – Hope you had a great Deepavali too..There are more pictures that I would like to share soon

    Aaarti – you would be surprised..its quite a discovery ..i will be going there again ..how was deepavali ?

    Kamini – 🙂 i was surprised as well..India’s heritage is quite amazing..will be posting more..hope you had a great deepavali .

    Sukku – thanks ..loved the place

    Indrani – Must go ..its wonderful

    Prabha – thanks ..:) waiting for yr pics

    Celine – too lazy and drained to write..but will get down to writing..

    Merisi – yes and it definitely makes one wonder how it would have been like years ago

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