A lot of you have been asking where I am off to next. So,while I am waiting for my tickets, why don’t you guys take a shot at guessing ? I will give you three simple clues ..

1. This is for the literary enthusiast  – this country introduced me to a  very interesting and famous literary character, a personality that I studied /read about while in school. No, he is not English but his surname lends a word to the English language
2. I was there in August. It was one of those countries that I visited last month when I was invited by the Polish Tourism Board. If you need a picture for a clue, here is one ..

3. A recent Bollywood film literally “celebrated” this destination.
So go ahead and guess and the first three guesses will get a postcard each.


  1. Lakshmi 26 September, 2012 at 16:15 Reply

    Thanks guys for sll your guesses.. a lot of you have got it right..It is Spain and I will be happy to send you postcards..pls do leave your address in the comments section ..

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