I have never been a winter person. The idea of shivering in the cold on a holiday has never appealed to me. I know of friends who will give an arm and a leg just to see snow on a vacation but I am happy to feel the warm sunshine. But a visit to Germany last December to see the Christmas markets changed all that. It was like as if a magic wand had transformed the entire atmosphere into a fairy tale land.

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Plum people from Nuremberg

It was cold but the celebrations, the laughter, the energy and most importantly the gluewein made me warm. I became a convert. I promised myself that I would travel to a destination every winter and I put down a wishlist for the many winters to come. Here are my top four in the bucket list.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights, Iceland

A glimpse of the Northern Lights

Pic Credit – Moyan Brenn, Creative Commons, Flickr.

Is it Alaska or Canada ?  Will Greenland or Lapland be lucky for me ?  Or should I look at the Scandinavian towns and villages ? I love to go to all these places but I will be contended to see the Northern Lights at least once in my lifetime in any one of them. I have dreamt of it for quite some time now , for the moment when the skies will dazzle me with their brilliance.Iceland has been playing on my mind now but it is going to be only sheer luck that will help in making my dream come true.

Before travelling to any country, we tend to research on the sights and sounds of the place but never bother to read about the currency used there. In Iceland, the currency is krona and it means crown and its analogous to the name of several other Nordic currencies like Norway and Sweden.  I love collecting currencies and I hope that one day I will have a piece of the various kronur of different countries.

New York City

New York City, US, skiing

The rink at New York City

Ever dreamt of a white Christmas, skating at the rink in Rockefeller centre or at Central Park sipping a cup of hot chocolate ? Or would you rather go to Times Square on New Years Eve and watch the ball drop at the stroke of midnight. The city is filled with lively events and it vibrates with so much energy even on a cold night. I would love to go there…what about you ?

As I was going through the list of events that rock NYC in winter – from music to ballet to festivals, I was reading that the dollar was not the first choice for the Americans to naming their currency. In the 18th century the US considered choosing the Spanish peso as the country’s currency but eventually settled for the dollar. The abbreviation for the Spanish peso (PS) later transformed into a $.

jungfrau, switzerland, interlaken, winter destination

JUngfrau at the top of europe


I have been to Switzerland in summer when the peaks of the Alps are glistening with white snow while the rest of the mountains are carpeted with a rich fabric of green. However I am tempted to explore this beautiful country in winter when glaciers fill the landscape. Switzerland has always been touted as THE winter destination, being the ski capital where streams turn into ice and the mountains turn white with layers of snow over them.

Did you know, that Switzerland is where the official languages are France, Italian, German and Romansch, native to the region ? English is also widely spoken here unlike most other countries in Europe.but a Swiss bank note has all the four national languages imprinted on it.


Grotto, Great Ocean Drive, Melbourne, Australia,

Grotto – Great Ocean Drive

If its winter in India, then its summer in Australia .And if you like the warmth, its a good idea to visit Australia in December instead of shivering in the cold in the other parts of the world. Beautiful skies, lively beaches and everywhere there is plenty of vibrance and colour. I was in South Australia in January this year and I continued my trip driving from Adelaide to Melbourne via the LImestone Coast and Great Ocean Drive and then headed to Sydney. But I would like to see Australia in winter. I have been told that its a good time to explore Queensland and if one wants to do a bit of whale watching, then the coasts of Victoria and South Australia beckon them.  The outback calls as well. I am yet to research on more adventures down under, but am raring to go.

Everywhere I went in Australia, I just loved their sense of humour. They are great at nicknames and they have even named their currencies after animals, birds, fruits and wait..even a legend. For instance, a five dollar note is called a galah after the bird, while a twenty dollar bill is called a lobster. If someone asks you for a pineapple or a banana, they may not be asking for a fruit but a fifty dollar note. But the best tribute is given to an original 100 dollar note, named after the legendary Sir Donald Bradman for his test average of 99.94..

I sometimes wonder if the Indian rupee had such names attributed to them..

There are so many countries that are still playing on my mind – Canada, Oman, Costa Rica ..but i guess I need to start somewhere . Where are you heading this winter and what is on your bucket list ?

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  1. nita verma 22 September, 2014 at 20:53 Reply

    lovely write up . u make me never wanna take off my walking shoes n always be ready to get set goooooooooo. i did Scandinavia last year n traveling thru d interiors was superrrrrrrrr magical esp the Telemark region………do it one of these days……

  2. Jeevan 24 September, 2014 at 15:16 Reply

    More than the awesome destinations for enjoying quite winter, the information on the countries’ currencies was interesting! Wish I got to visit at least Shimla to experience some snow.

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