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Vote for me, the lone Indian blogger at Citadines #30 and help me win

In a few hours I will be on a jet plane heading to Paris. And therein begins my 20 days international sojourn. I spend the first ten days in Europe, travelling to France, Germany and Belgium solo and then I join a group tour at British Columbia, Canada. But the most exciting part of the first leg of the tour is that am participating in an international bloggers’ competition organised by Citadines an international chain of apart -hotels, part of the Ascott as part of their 30th anniversary – hence Citadines #30.

A couple of months ago, when I had just returned from the Switzerland trip after meeting Roger Federer, I got an email from Citadines Europe, asking me if I would be interested in participating in the contest. They were celebrating 30 years and they wanted to create an event called #Citadines 30.  It was a fantastic idea.

Citadines #30,  solo travel, contest

Vote for me at Citadines #30

Four travel bloggers from around the world would travel solo to any three cities of their choice where Citadines had their apartments and explore the places on their own. We then blog about  our experiences which will then be shared on a microsite created by Citadines for the event . Readers and travellers from around the world get to root for their favourite blogger and vote for him/her. The mail said that they had already contacted three bloggers from Germany, France and London and they would like me to participate from India. I was honoured. And thrilled. And nervous. And excited.

Pitted against talented and well known international bloggers is a high. But I hope to win this contest and it depends entirely on your votes. I will take you on a journey with me as I visit the three cities – Cannes, Berlin and Brussels and I request you to root for me and vote for me.

All the content will be up at this site launched by Citadines – and this is where you need to vote for me and for my stories to help me win this contest. And wait, there is something in it for you too..the more you vote, you stand a chance to win an international stay in any of Citadines#30 properties in Europe..


The lone Indian Blogger at Citadines#30 – please vote for me

The contest begins on September 26 and it completes on October 5

There are ten reasons why I am looking forward to this trip. and there is going to be a lot of firsts here.

This year has been a bit slow for me with regards to travel because of personal reasons and am so glad am getting an opportunity of a lifetime.

It’s also a recognition for the travel blog and my decade of blogging and am happy that it has gotten me this far

This is the first time am participating in an international blogging contest with renowned bloggers.

I am going to participate in an international press conference…so far I have attended events but for the first time I will be part of one as well. I will be in Paris tomorrow where the event officially kicks off.

I am going to be travelling solo after a very long time. I am on my own in each of the cities I am travelling not even sure where the other bloggers are headed to as well

There is no guide to wake me and rush me around so its all about my tryst with the cities.

I am going to do a lot of slow travel, savouring every experience in the cities

I am going to be blogging on the go. Every day or every alternate day, there will be a post here which will then be uploaded on the site – and that is where the action remember to vote for me on that site.

This is going to be a working holiday as will be online most of the time..on my social media channels.

And I have all the time in the world to meet you guys in case any of you are travelling to these cities as well.

That said, its time to leave stay tuned guys to my travels and I promise that it will be exciting . And please help me win by casting your votes for me. As I said before , you stand a chance to win too…and the site is



  1. Destination Infinity 27 September, 2014 at 18:17 Reply

    Congrats and all the best for winning the contest. Great to know that you are kallakifying in Europe!

    Inge pakkatule irrukkara urukku pogave rendu-tharava yossikkum yengala-pondra Bloggers-kku maddhiyile, neenga nijamave kallakitinge 🙂

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