100th post – The birth of a city and the birth of a blogger

The number 100 is always special as it denotes a milestone.To me it denotes the birth of a traveller and a travel blogger .All these posts spanning destinations,pouring out memories , talking to locals ,researching trivia,posting pictures,waiting in anticipation to see responses and creating my own circle of blog mates have brought me here.But I am just a beginner unlike my other blog mates who have been a constant source of inspiration to me .

I would like to acknowledge them here who have helped me on this journey – Celine, Priyank, Pijush, Mridula, Aaarti, Ajeya, Gill, Indrani, Gopal, Alok, Anil, Arun, Anu, Siva, Cuckoo, David, Dharma, Jeevan, Kalyan, Kamini, Mark, Matt, Shantanu, Nandan, Mitr, Ceedy, Vishesh,Stephanie ,Wendy and VJ. There are many others whose names are not here and I apologise if I have missed out – I dont just look forward to their comments , but every feedback and appreciation counts..Thank you for being there.Today I feel that I have more friends through my blog than in reality. And that is what inspires me to go a step further, to better each post and appreciate the posts of others.

I have always been travelling as a child as well and even as a professional and my mother used to say that I have wheels under my feet and that I could never sit still.But I was never a serious traveller as in I was never serious about travelling. It was always one of those things that I enjoyed like icecreams and chocolates.
I started this blog without knowing what a blog is . I was not even a travel buff then. It was mainly an outlet to write as writing was an integral part of me and I had given up writing around the time I started this blog. And of course, I thought it was cool to be a blogger.

I used to be a freelance writer when I was in college and I worked for a community newspaper in Madras aka Chennai way back in the 90s . That was my first start up experience and we almost felt like we were the founders of the paper.My freelancing came to an end after I was lured by the broadcast and online media and somewhere down the line, a part of me slept while I got into the shoes of a 24 /7 media professional ( Nothing to do with NDTV )I set up and launched other companies, but did nothing to launch myself. This blog was just there and since holidays happenned once in a while, posts followed them.

If you see my archives , I started this blog in January 2005 (yeah..its taken me 3 + years to get here) and I have just 8 posts there and in 2006 another 3. 2007 was when I started taking blogging seriously and in a way, my trip to Tawang brought out the traveller in me..Until then, travelling was just to have fun or to be different for the sake of being different. .Even my media assignments took me places and I enjoyed doing video travelogues and stories in the early days of my career, but without any specific focus on getting into that space.

However, I soon learnt how to make friends, how to appreciate other’s posts and how to build yourself as a blogger. I still remember a rap from Mridula when I asked her to include my name in her list of travel bloggers and she said, will do but please post something. She was right, I hadnt posted anything from January 2007 to June 2007 . But 2007 was the craziest year in my life and I forced myself to take a sabbatical towards the latter part of the year to rethink my journey in life. And then the posts followed and I travelled and slowly became a traveller . A vagabond looking for a certain direction and in turn became a serious traveller and travel writer. 88 posts in about 16 months.

I have a lot of people to thank for who took me on several family, my uncles and cousins and friends who even tolerated me during the trips and my quest to work harder on their holiday .And all of them are religious readers of my posts – including every comment. The Karwar trip with Sharath, the Hoysala trail with my uncle and cousin Lalitha, The Chola trail with another uncle and my mother along with a lot of inputs from friends, Siva and VJ ,the Coorg trip with my friend Kamalee and the Singapore trip with my parents are the highlights of this year’s travels so far. My husband still says he got his slip disc because of these trips ..and yes, the Europe trip last year was a great milestone in making me feel passionate about heritage and I turned that interest into understanding my country’s heritage and culture. (My mother is still shocked – she says Ive never visited so many temples ever in my life..I seemed to have beaten the family record )

I became a travel writer and I have written for a few publications – Simplifly, Jet Wings, Bangalore Mirror, Bengaluru Pages, The Metro Plus of the Hindu, Brunch, Indian Express are some of them..and there are still a few projects waiting to be published. I have done quite a few trails like the Hoysala and the Chola trails (partially) which have still not got documented here. I will be launching a new travel web site soon which will have those trips documented..but the backpacker lives on..

However this long post is not over. I am sorry as it wasn’t meant to be about me , but about the birth of a city which in many ways has moulded me and given me an identity that will never wear away – no matter which part of the world I travel and where I live.. A city called Madras, also called Chennai. A city that gets me overwhelmed and emotional. A city that I crave to live in and miss every moment ..The city I call home no matter what my pincode says.I dedicate my 100th post to Madras and Fort St George which was and is the nucleus of the city.

Birth of a city

The city is both young and old at the same time. Perhaps no other city has such a unique feature. Or perhaps this is the story of every other city in this country and world. I wouldnt know. The settlement called Madras is hardly a little more than 3 centuries old, but the villages that got added to this settlement is probably centuries older . However I will not attempt to write about the history or the formation of the city, but will etch out the story of the settlement only – this narrow strip of land, a small village which is now the metropolitan city .

We never really know if anything called Madras or Chennai or Madraspattinam or Chennaipattinam actually existed or not. No one has any concrete evidence on the origin of the names . There are several stories on the same and I will come back to it towards the end of this post.

During the 17th century ,South India was under the rule of the Vijaynagar empire and the local Nayaks were holding sway. Probably this piece of land was under the control of the Vijaynagar chieftains who were ruling fron Chandragiri, 180 kms away from Madras. The Europeans had landed and the Portuguese, the Danes, The Dutch and the French had already established their connections and controlling various small settlements.

The British arrived here rather late and they needed a small strip of land to set up their East India Company and trade with the locals. They arrived first in Masulipatnam in 1611 and obtained land in 1626 in Armagadon (modern Durgarayapatnam) about 100 kms from Madras. Francis Day who was one of the traders here realized that this was not a secure fort as there was constant wars with other European countries. He set out to look for a place on the Coromandel coast and along with his boss, Andrew Cogan built Fort St George, named after the patron saint of England.The two Indian aides who made this possible were Beri Thimmanna , who later on became the chief merchant and Nagabattan, the gun powder maker of the company.

Day struck a deal with the local chieftain Venkatappa Nayak with the help of his aide and got a piece of land as a grant where they could fortify and store merchandise. This deal was apparently signed on August 22, 1639 and hence it is celebrated as Madras Day. (However there are still some debates wrt dates and please free to add them in the comment section.Since I didnt attend the Fort walks during the Madras Day celebrations, these are researched from ASI documents.)

This was a sandy strip of land about 5 kms in length reaching out from the present day harbour to the River Cooum and the Buckingham canal .Cogan and Day dismantled the fort at Armagon and sailed in three ships with 50 persons and 25 soldiers and arrived at Madraspatnam on 20th February 1640.

The construction of the fort began and so did a new settlement come up near the fort with several local artisans . The two settlements came to be called the White Town and the Black town respectively. The White town was inhabited by the English, Portuguese and Armenians and an outer wall was built around the fort on all three sides except the west where the river Elambore was flowing.

The Black Town stretching to todays NSC Bose Road and Broadway with the native traders and artisans grew rapidly that it is estimated that by the end of the 17th century , the population in this settlement called Madras was 80,000.

The initial structure of the fort took 13 years to build and it was squarish with corner bastions.A domed structure was at the centre where the present day Secretariat stands and it was the residence of the governor. If you go to the Fort Museum today in the Fort St George complex, you could see various illustrations showing how the Fort St George had evolved over the years.

For instance the famous St Mary’s church where Robert Clive apparently got married can was built in the fort complex in 1680. I will come back to this beautiful church, which you can see even today and is the oldest surviving building of the British.

More structures were added to the fort complex between the 17th and 18th centuries. A new fort house was built, “the grand house on Charles Street” – Robert Clive’s house , a Town Hall, a Parade Ground, a mint, a hospital , court and even offices came up. It was a late Sunday afternoon when I walked around the Fort uninterrupted..only the sun was merciless. The street names were still preserved and so were the old residences within the fort.More buildings, old residences, including Wellesley’s ..It was ironic merging the colonial flavour with the current local political colour

Back to history. The French from Pondicherry defeated the English and captured Madras in September 1746 and they ruled for about 3 years and destroyed the Black town. New settlements came up as well away from the fort. When the East India company regained ownership following the treaty , the generals started fortifying the area and the fort was virtually rebuilt. The King’s barracks was added in 1755 , the small river was diverted and three main gates were built – the Sea Gate, the Wallaja Gate and the St George Gate. A vaulted chamber was built in the walls and cisterns were built to support 6000 men with water supply. I quote ASI here when it says that “the entire reconstruction was at a cost of Rs 7,700,000/- at that time”.

The Company by then was the virtual ruler of Carnatic and in the meantime, this little settlement grew .Villages were added or annexed as the rule may be or were given away as grants between 1676 to 1749. Triplicane was the first given on rent by the Golconda King,then came areas like Egmore,Purasawalkam, Tondiarpet,Tiruvottiyur, Nungamabakkam,Vepery, Vysarpadi, Ennore,Periapet, Perambur .Chintaripet was formed while Mylapore and Santhome became a part of the settlement called Madras.

The Madras Presidency became more powerful as Fort St George became the seat of power. It had its share of raids during the world wars – attacks from the German cruiser SMS Emden during the World War1 and by Japanese fighter planes , but the powers to be were not dented. During the war years, Adyar, Guindy and Saidapet have been added along with Mambalam, West Mambalam, Aminjikarai and Ayyanavaram.The settlement had finally grown into the metropolitan city of today

Buildings of Fort St George

The Secretariat Buildings
The Seat of power today was the seat of power during Day’s days.This has seen several modifications and renovations, notable among them being the colonnade which connects the Fort Square and the Sea gate. The colonnade was where the merchandise was stored and the French had demolished it and taken away the pillars to Pondicherry .It was rebuilt only to be pulled down again later .

The Exchange Building
This was the hub of all trading activities and was built in the 18th century.There were offices, warehouses,auctions and library . The long room was used to hold public meetings for lottery drawings and general entertainment.There was also a coffee shop and other committee rooms.

A lighthouse was later erected here on the roof of this building which glowed at the height of 90 feet above sea level.It later became the Officer’s Mess and now it houses the Fort Museum which is one of the best museums I have seen. The Long Room is the Portrait Gallery and should not be missed .

St Mary’s Church
This deserves a separate post, but nevertheless, here is a short note.Built in 1680 with local subscriptions, this is one of the oldest Protestant Churches in colonial India.A very beautiful monument, it still stands on the Church Street.

It has a reproduction of the famous Raphael painting-The Last Supper and here is where the register shows the marriage records of Robert Clive.It is interesting to note that the church was probably designed by a gunner, William Dixon and the roof was built to withstand the gunfire from sea and land.

Clive’s House or Admiralty Building
The great house on Charles Street was where Robert Clive lived and it is a three storied stately mansion. The long hall was used as a banquet and it was apparently owned by an Armenian merchant in the early 18th century. It was purchased by the Company as they did not want Armenians inside the Fort. Today it houses the office of the ASI.

The Grand Arsenal and King’s Barracks
The former is built to store ammunition and the latter to accomodate the King’s Regiment to defend the fort.Today it is a property of the Army.

Madras or Chennai ?
This is not a question I pose to the purists and those with a strong language fervour. No body really knows why it is called Madras .Did the agreement between Francis Day and Nayak mention Madraspattinam ? It is said that the grant did and the story goes that it was named after a local fisherman, Madarasan who apparently was the helmsman of the village before it was granted to the British. Or maybe there was a madrasa in the locality. The story behind Chennai was that the Nayak wanted it to be named after their father Chennappa Nayak.Or possibly there were two kuppams or small villages called Chennapattinam and Madrasapattiman and they were eventually merged to call Madras , only to be renamed as Chennai.. Does it really matter today ?

Thanks for the patience and for reading this very long post. This is possibly the longest so far and I would like to acknowledge the ASI for their efforts in documenting the history of the fort from where this information has been sourced from.


  1. Nandan Jha 9 September, 2008 at 21:15 Reply

    Bravo Lakshmi.

    I am not yet done reading but wanted to me the first comment(or) πŸ™‚

    Wishes and all the best for

    May gets 100 posts/stories before the end of this year.

  2. vishesh 9 September, 2008 at 22:14 Reply

    πŸ™‚ congrats on the 100 πŸ™‚ you write for the hindu? didn’t know πŸ˜› will look out for your name πŸ˜‰

    i have never been to that side of my city…i think i should take a day out and go and see that side of the city…:)

  3. Final_Transit 9 September, 2008 at 23:27 Reply

    Hey Lakshmi!

    Heartiest congratulations. I can understand how you feel to some extent πŸ™‚ Thanks for mentioning me as part of your blogging story and may you reach the 1000 marks soon – will be tough to do if you keep a high quality like now! πŸ™‚

    Considering where you started, traveled, wrote, blogged etc, you have achieved quite a lot in last few years!

    Madras post was informative and pictures in this and last few posts gave a nice feel. I’ve never been there but may visit soon.


  4. Cuckoo 9 September, 2008 at 23:38 Reply

    Heartiest congratulations, Lakshmi !!
    May your website be blessed with 1000 more posts.
    Your achievement is amazing. In such a short time you discovered yourself, no ? Your writings are excellent, top quality. No wonder you write for so many publications. (I was aware of some). πŸ˜‰

    Even if this post was about you, we would not have minded.

  5. Akira 10 September, 2008 at 03:35 Reply

    Dear Lakshmi,

    Congratulations on the 100th post. May you write many more..

    Thanks for sharing your personal story of your journey as a was very inspiring…

    The latter part of the post about Madras made an interesting read.

    Kudos once again and wishing you the best in your future endeavors! πŸ™‚

  6. indicaspecies 10 September, 2008 at 03:41 Reply


    This is a very interesting post. Nice to read about you and about your favourite city. Thank you for sharing so many details and these splendid pictures.:)

    When I started blogging last year, for obvious reasons, I was attracted to your blog. All these times you have been, and continue to be, a source of inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your travel experiences and being my wonderful blogmate.

    Congratulations on your 100th post and may there be thousands more. All the best Lakshmi.:)

    – celine

  7. Sivaram Kannan 10 September, 2008 at 08:06 Reply

    First a big (bow) on the 100th post. Guess it would felt like completing a marathon :D. And my name is there in the post (dance).

    About history of chennai, most of it I knew before, but I was surprised that Madras was ruled by French for 3 years. I remember seeing a painting somewhere(I guess in the fort), which depicts the Anglo French War in chennai and it was stated as if English won the war.

    For Chennai Vs Madras – I feel Madras was a cool name, but atleast Chennai is better than some of the other names of the cities renamed recently πŸ™‚

  8. Wendy 10 September, 2008 at 08:34 Reply

    One of the best parts of blogging is “meeting” people like you along the way. Congrats on your 100th post and look forward to the next 100.

  9. Diana 10 September, 2008 at 08:53 Reply

    Congratulations Lakshmi.

    I had heared about this history behind Madras on the first day of my college at Chennai.

    I have loved this place, and I must confess that your blog is my way of remaining connected to the Chennai now, 3 years after I left it.

    Kudos gal…really nice blog

  10. Vijay 10 September, 2008 at 09:29 Reply

    Hi Lakshmi,

    Congrats on such a feat – Your images showcase a different angle which makes one sit up and notice – chennai in particular, like the aroma of your mom’s food – they evoke fond memories

    Having roamed such across every named and unnamed lane, street, gully in chennai – it was quite nostalgic to go back there through your pics n posts.

    My friend wrote in my book( the customary end of class exercise) – Of all the days i wasted, the most fruitful were the ones i wasted in your company.


  11. eunice 10 September, 2008 at 10:56 Reply

    Your post open the window of india to the world! Thanks for sharing! I always enjoy reading your post.

    Sure, I’ve added you. Kindly change my link name to “A Travel Photo Blog” under your blogroll. Thank you! πŸ˜€

  12. Aaarti 10 September, 2008 at 15:13 Reply

    hey Gurl!!

    Congratsssss on 100! you have been an inspiration to me.. it is after reading your blog that the travel bug bit me real hard and i got going!!!:)

    Loved the post on Fort St george, to think its jus a few kms from home and i have never been to that part of town… shall sure make a visit, maybe over the weekend. there is so much to see and all soaked in rich history,fascinating!!

    take care..
    here’s to more might to your pen
    may the ink/err keys never dry/tire up!!

  13. Nandan Jha 10 September, 2008 at 16:09 Reply

    Now I read it. I did not know anything about Chennai but now the situation is little better.

    Its very commendable for ASI to be able to preserve this fort and document the history.

    Best wishes !!

  14. ceedy 10 September, 2008 at 21:34 Reply

    Great post.
    Very few people live and do what they want…and glad to know you.

    That was a very good description of Madras…shows your love for the city. Thanks

    I had done similar work almost 10 yrs back when I was in India and documented the entire Fort Area in Bombay…the only planned part of the city.

    It always fun to read your work and congrats on 100th post and many more to come….remember you are my BACKPAKKER πŸ™‚

  15. shooting star 10 September, 2008 at 21:50 Reply

    As i read your blog journey..and your path to becoming a serious blogger…i thought how much effort you have put into it…
    and i must say..your articles are wonderful!!!!!!!…..
    will keep coming back to read more of you and your travels!!!

  16. Alok 11 September, 2008 at 09:58 Reply

    Hi Lakshmi, Congratulation !!! I must say that this is the best read I have had ever here. Many times I think when pictures from moments of life are combined with your words then it’s become doubly meaning full πŸ™‚

    Your post yet again gave me a different insight to the life and the history of the city, Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Have a wonderful day

  17. flyingstars 11 September, 2008 at 16:41 Reply

    A big congrats to you…your blog has always been an excellent read everytime I visit along with the photos…I will just wish you carry on with your lovely work & get success in every field you touch…I will be off blogging for now…will definitely catch up with you again in the future….keep going & let the power of the almighty be with you always…Thanks & Have a great journey of life!

  18. I am 11 September, 2008 at 17:34 Reply

    WAOOO Laxmi Congratulation for being able to continue on your passion and being able to share it with us as well…

    This post was very inspiring..hidden wishes and dreams got touched inside


  19. Charu 11 September, 2008 at 18:55 Reply

    congrats on the 100, Lakshmi! I know what you mean when you say you have more friends through your blog than in reality! happy blogging – here is to 100 more posts πŸ™‚

  20. Kamini 11 September, 2008 at 19:32 Reply

    Congratulations on this wonderful milestone! Yours is one of the few blogs I read regularly, and I always learn something new and fascinating.
    This is a fantastic post on Madras/Chennai. Like you, no matter what my pin/zip code, a part of my heart is always in Madras, so this post was extra-special! I did the Fort St George Heritage walk last year, so it was nice re-living memories through your photos. The only change I see is that they seem to have added the street names (Church Street, etc.) which were not there last year.
    Here’s to the next 100!

  21. Katney 12 September, 2008 at 09:25 Reply

    What a wealth of information you are! I wish I had known some of this when I visited eight years ago. I would have been more aware of what I was being shown.

  22. Rintjez 12 September, 2008 at 10:32 Reply

    Congratz on the 100! Great job! I enjoyed reading this looonnnggggg post πŸ™‚ Very informative!

    Hopefully I will get there someday and visit these places!

    Keep writing!

  23. Jeevan 12 September, 2008 at 17:26 Reply

    Congrats for the 100th post as well giving wonderful information on either sides of St. Fort George. It’s my long time wish pending to visit inside the St.Fort George and have heard people wonder at the collection in museum, to let know what makes that. Lovely pictures buddy, many won’t aware of the heritages inside fort, it may useful to many. I am to please if they allow inside the fort visit which in control of army.

    We both have same introduction to blog without knowing what it was! It was very interesting to know who u came as a travel writer, blogger, mate… Thanks so much for everything we share here πŸ™‚ I always used to read Escape in Metro Plus, after knowing u write there I am not missing ur articles. The last Monday’s Kanwar(am I right) was too good.

  24. Lakshmi 15 September, 2008 at 08:30 Reply


    Thanks so much for being the first commentator..I have seen you always motivating your writers at ghumakkar as well and I do myts when it launches will have more travelogues as well.

    Chennai or Madras is one of the key metros and the ASI is doing its best to preserve the city’s heritage. We ignore the heritage of our own cities, sometimes taking the same for granted. I am glad I was able to bring in a different perspective of this city other than idlis and dosas πŸ™‚

  25. Lakshmi 15 September, 2008 at 08:34 Reply


    The best part about blogging is that we get to meet some great friends online and I am so glad that we are blogmates. i dont know much about numbers, but I do wish I can keep travelling and meeting people

    Chennai or Madras as I prefer to call it is often known for other reasons like food, movies, politicians..I thought I must introduce the city to my readers as well. Do visit it when you have the time this year

  26. Lakshmi 15 September, 2008 at 08:37 Reply

    Cuckoo – Thanks for the lovely words.I am always uncomfortable talking about myself and I felt I did go a bit overboard.I think blogging has definitely helped me to discover my passion for writing and travelling.The “achievemnt” has been in discovering like minded friends who continue to inspire you and you are one of those. Thanks again

  27. Lakshmi 15 September, 2008 at 08:39 Reply


    Thanks for being a continuous support. It is always great to find friends and readers like you .I am happy that you enjoyed the post on Madras. Have you been there ?

  28. Lakshmi 15 September, 2008 at 08:41 Reply


    Whenever I read your blog, a wave of inspiration and envy rushes past me..I like your passion and your independent spirit and your quest to travel.And I saw the many milestones in your travel journey, I am glad to have discovered you and your passion. thanks for appreciating my post on Madras and for the wishes.

  29. Lakshmi 15 September, 2008 at 08:48 Reply


    Thanks so much for the kind words. You and your friends have been a great source of inspiration and have helped me in this quest.

    As for the war, I read about the same in the ASI book. There was a treaty and the wars in Europe reflected in, I am not sure how it ended there.

    As for names, it was Madras when I was born and somehow we like names that we are born with …right ? Thanks again

  30. Lakshmi 15 September, 2008 at 08:55 Reply


    I share the same thought and it has been great reading about travels and your perspective. I do hope that you get more milestones as well. Thanks for reading my posts regularly .

  31. Lakshmi 15 September, 2008 at 08:57 Reply


    Thanks for dropping by regularly. I am very happy to note that my blog is a way of connecting. I guess thats what blogging is all about. It creates a bond. Its my humble way of adding to a great city where I was born and nourished. I do hope to see you more often

  32. Lakshmi 15 September, 2008 at 08:59 Reply


    It has been a pleasure knowing you and reading your posts, your comments and views. For someone who has literally roamed every street of Madras, I am glad that this blog gives a different perspective. This is my little contribution to this mighty city that has shaped me. I do hope to see you more often again.

  33. Lakshmi 15 September, 2008 at 09:13 Reply


    Thanks for dropping by and including my link, I am happy to showcase India and my perspective to the world. Travellers like you have shown the world to me.Thanks for your wishes and I do hope you will drop in more often

  34. Lakshmi 15 September, 2008 at 09:18 Reply


    I share the same feeling. It has been great meeting you and sharing my experiences with you. Your travel diary has inspired me to go to several places as well.Thanks for your wishes and keep dropping by.

  35. Lakshmi 15 September, 2008 at 09:22 Reply


    Thanks..We keep learning new things everday and meet new people as well..This is what I believe keeps me going. I enjoy your take on Bangalore.It takes me to new places and I have begun to like the city to a certain extent

  36. Lakshmi 15 September, 2008 at 09:25 Reply


    Blogging is indeed a great way of discovering friends and relatives and even yourself. Thanks for being a constant motivator. I am glad that the travel bug has bit you as the places you seem to go are tempting me as well..

  37. Lakshmi 15 September, 2008 at 09:29 Reply


    Thanks for being a constant motivator. Your presence in backpacker has been inspiring as you have seen it grow. I am a little uncomfortable writing about myself and I guess I went a bit overboard this time. Thanks again

  38. Lakshmi 15 September, 2008 at 09:35 Reply


    The decision to do that is a bit difficult, but I hope I will stay motivated enough . Mumbai or Bombay is my second favourite as that city has groomed me and taught me to face life. Cities have a great role to play in our lives. Always happy to be your BACKPAKKER

  39. Lakshmi 15 September, 2008 at 09:38 Reply


    Thank you. That was very kind of you to put it in that way. I believe words when fused with emotions have a different story to say.This post is special, as its not just a number,but because of the city that it is dedicated to. I am glad to have met you through this blog and hope to see you more often .

  40. Lakshmi 15 September, 2008 at 09:40 Reply


    Thanks . Needless to say, that your site has been one of the key inspirations behind this effort. I look forward to reading more of your journeys so that it takes me places too:)

  41. Lakshmi 15 September, 2008 at 09:45 Reply


    I hope you soon return to the blogging world. Your posts on Indian culture and your pictures have been outstanding and I always look forward to reading them. All the best and thanks for your wishes

  42. Lakshmi 15 September, 2008 at 09:46 Reply

    Tanu/ I am

    Your pictures have always inspired me to look at destinations in a different perspective. Passion is only a tool..Motivators take you places. Thanks for being there

  43. Lakshmi 15 September, 2008 at 09:48 Reply


    Good to always see you and read about your articles. I am happy that you are one of the travellers I have met through this blog. Looking forward to seeing you again .

  44. Lakshmi 15 September, 2008 at 09:49 Reply


    Thank you. It has always been a pleasure meeting people who share the same passion for the city we are born with. I have learnt so much about music and arts through your blog. And your short stories give a different perspective to the people I meet everyday. Looking forward to seeing you again.

  45. Lakshmi 15 September, 2008 at 10:18 Reply


    Its been a pleasure reading your blog and seeing your comments again. I am glad to share my passion regarding Madras with you.Thanks so much for reading my articles everyday . Do take care and I look forward to seeing you again

  46. Lakshmi 15 September, 2008 at 10:23 Reply


    Your blog is more of an aromatic experience and I always thought that you may find this rather dull without any culinary tales. I am glad that you enjoy reading them. Thanks so much for the wishes.

  47. Anonymous 15 September, 2008 at 12:28 Reply

    congrats on the 100th post.
    Thank you for all your work and contributions in cataloging all the wonderful places that we never get to hear of.

    You should make your travels into a book Like Lonely Planet that one can take along on his/her journeys.

    Thank you once again for all your work and for giving us some thing to read about on lazy work day afternoons from office πŸ™‚

  48. Vamsee Modugula 15 July, 2010 at 15:13 Reply

    Hey Lakshmi,
    Congrats on reaching the milestone!!You are one of the best travel bloggers out there. I love the way you write.
    I have made many friends through my blog too and I am very grateful for that.

    Love for traveling made me into a blogger and love for blogging made me into a better traveler. I don’t know if that makes sense to u!!

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