There is a debate whether the Queen of hills is still the Queen. But its often the journey rather than the destination which is special . I leave you with some pictures shot during our ascent across 36 hair pin bends from Masinagudi to Ooty .


  1. indicaspecies 22 November, 2007 at 15:31 Reply

    I’ve been on this journey of hairpin bends years back and its memories are still fresh in my mind. Yes, the journey is special, rather than the destination.

    These nature pictures of wild flowers, terraced fields, waterfalls and mountains are lovely and I’d love to stay overnight in the lodge seen in last but one picture.

    Is Ooty vying with Darjeeling for the title of ‘Queen of Hills?’

  2. Shantanu 23 November, 2007 at 21:56 Reply

    Ah, Ooty brings back some fond childhood memories. We were in Mysore then, and had made many trips to this lovely hill-station, the only one I had seen in those times!

  3. GMG 24 November, 2007 at 19:46 Reply

    Beautiful pictures! But what I loved most was “its often the journey rather than the destination which is special”!
    “Navigare necesse est. Vivere non est necesse.”
    Have a great weekend!

  4. backpakker 25 November, 2007 at 20:54 Reply

    Shantanu – Ooty used to be my summer vacation destination every year when I was a studied in lovedale and he would never stop raving about the place

    Ken – Thanks..Ooty is a very old hill station , as old as the hills themselves

    Pijush – Nature surprises us sometimes ..I didnt want to take regulat pictures ..I wanted a perspective which reflects us

    GMG – Thanks ..Its a great feeling when you are travelling..taking in the fresh air, looking at life with a new perspective changes at every turn..yes, the jouurney is more exciting than the destination ..its more dynamic .Hope you had a great weekend

    Reeta – I love those pics too …thanks for dropping by

  5. backpakker 26 November, 2007 at 18:41 Reply

    Priyank – Places around Ooty are..Ooty is just a dirty crowded hill station ..go away from it..even if its just 5 kms

    Smita – one point it was..we were three cars back to back and we were leading the pack and it was well past twlight when we returned and it was scary when a bus suddenly came from the other direction when we were negotiating a curve..there was no space at all and all our cars were mid size to large was very was a close call

  6. ReapeR 27 November, 2007 at 05:59 Reply

    This a really good Blog… In fact I was researching on good blogs to link to… I’m an ardent traveler myself, but still very young ..Just 22 really..But just looking at your pictures and reading your words assures me that a life of travel is possible..Thank you…hope i come across you some time in my journey through Life… So what do you do for a living apart from traveling so much….And if I may ask so. How old are you?? n since when have you been traveling..You don’t need to answer if you don’t want to..

  7. backpakker 27 November, 2007 at 19:03 Reply

    Reaper – Welcome to backpakker ad thanks for your long comment ..Im a vagabond – I guess since I was a kid, Ive been travelling – mom used to say I have wheels on my feet πŸ™‚ Well, Ive been in the media, but no junkets for me ..Ad age – oh I used to be 22 once ..but I dont really feel old !

    Ajeya – Thanks ..but no, its actually blue , though I like green too

  8. backpakker 29 November, 2007 at 00:11 Reply

    Bluemountainmama – That I agree..Its the only good thing about the place where I live ..I have several options to escape

    Kalyan-Thanks..Im glad you liked it .

    Mark – Sometimes simplicity is more pictureque than a stunning visual ..I tried not to shoot the most obvious-mountains !Thanks ..

  9. Cosmic Joy 29 November, 2007 at 23:20 Reply

    Your pictures brought back childhood memories. I have been to the Ooty area several times as a child. In fact we have relatives in ooty πŸ™‚ But all of my visits have been using the narrow gauge train .. and unfortunately, i was too lil to have a camera back then ..

  10. Anjuli 30 November, 2007 at 15:12 Reply

    Hey nice pics, have never been to this part of the country πŸ™ hight time i started travelling, till then your travel blog will do πŸ™‚

    By the way, please change my name from eternal search to Anjuli on your blogroll, eternal search is depressing and reminds me of my rough patch…

  11. Sigma 3 December, 2007 at 11:35 Reply

    BEautiful picures. The flowers look lovely. Though I havent been to Ooty, I have visited several hill stations in north, and I love journeying through the hills.

  12. backpakker 3 December, 2007 at 15:30 Reply

    Raghu – welcome back..aam glad that you liked it

    Cosmic Joy – I love the train journey too..Ooty has too many childhood memories for me as well

    Ashley-Thank you.Ooty or Nilgiris is one of the oldest hill stations of South India .

    Sidney- Welcome to backpakker and to South India ..Im glad you liked it

    Anjuli – Thanks for your comment. Im happy that my blog is urging people like you to travel

    Sivaram – memories are always precious..Thanks fpr dropping by

    Sigma -wild flowers are always so pretty ..I simple love them ..There was one hairpin bend which was just full of flowers was simply awesome

  13. Medhini 8 November, 2008 at 21:10 Reply

    The second and the fourth snaps show my favorite spots in Masinagudi. The firs ttime i visited these it was as if i was peeping into a oil canvas painting… lovely post!

  14. Anonymous 19 July, 2010 at 13:07 Reply

    I don’t think so….. Darjeeling is way way way more beautiful. You just cannot compare himalayas with western ghats. The journey to Darjeeling is more soothing and extravagent. The flora is different altogether. The coolness of the air and mist makes Darjeeling a more sought after place. Alas! marketing is not good for Darjeeling. As per as i know Ghum is the highest railway station is the world which is in Darjeeling, and one would always remember a visit to ghum. South india is hot as oven, so people here love Ooty, but you cannot compare it with Himalayas. This is like comaparing the smell of fart with the smell of Rose.

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