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Birding Diaries – Purple heron in Goa

Birding, Birding watching in Goa, purple heron, Carambolim lake

Purple heron in Carambolim lake Goa

Purple heron, Goa, Carambolim Lake, Birding in Goa

A purple heron takes off

Carambolim Lake in Goa is a great place to do some bird watching . I was there last year and had some amazing sightings in just under an hour. There were so many birds – lesser whistling ducks, garganeys, purple moor hens, glossy ibis, open billed stork to name a few.

And there was this lone pretty purple heron in the marshes. It was sitting for a long time,  almost like it was in meditation, contemplating life, the pros and cons . And then in one moment, it just took off, getting out of its comfort zone, seeking a dash of adventure. Perhaps it needed to exercise its wings or find something more exciting for breakfast.

Enjoy birding ? See more birds at Carambolim Lake. Have you ever done bird watching in Goa or do you have a favourite haunt ? Do leave a comment here telling us about your experience.



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