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Birding Diaries – Yellow footed green pigeon from Coorg

Coorg is a haven for bird watchers and one can find several endemic, resident and migratory birds here. In the coffee plantations, with the dense canopy of trees, parakeets and pigeons are found aplenty besides bulbuls, sunbirds, flycatchers and several other species. I was lucky to spot this yellow footed green pigeon high up in a tree. There was a flock but only one of them was out in the open. The bird is referred to as the state bird of Maharashtra.I saw this bird for the first time in Kaziranga in Assam.  There are several species of green pigeon, of which I have seen only one more Рthe Orange Breasted Green Pigeon in Goa. 

Yello footed green pigeon, birds, Coorg

Yellow footed green pigeon


Yellow footed green pigeon, Coorg, birds

Yellow footed green pigeon

Yellow footed green pigeon

Yellow footed green pigeon

This is my entry for Skywatch and Birding Diaries. This may be just a peek of blue but for more gorgeous skies around the world, visit Skywatch.



  1. Elizabeth Manneh 4 April, 2014 at 16:08 Reply

    I also love watching birds, and here in The Gambia there are many beautiful birds to be seen. I do like your photos – it’s not always easy to get clear photos of birds, but i can see everything clearly here!

  2. Sharmila 11 April, 2014 at 21:52 Reply

    Taking photograph of birds are really difficult …. still u managed such lovely shots.
    Coorg itself is a wonderful place – no wonder everything related to it is Beautiful !!
    P.S. i have seen green pigeon in Delhi too … i mean they look like pigeon but somewhat of greenish color … not exactly similar to urs – so God knows if they are green pigeons or some species of green pigeons.

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