Birding in Hampi – the pied kingfisher and the commonkingfisher

There are many surprises in Hampi. Everytime I visit this magical place, I see something new. Last year, I did some extensive birding there and found that there were quite a few migratory birds around as well . This time around, I was a little too early for the migratory season, but I did see quite a few birds.

This post is largely about the two varieties of kingfishers that I spotted during the trip. While the regular white breasted kingfisher eluded my lens, I managed to click some pictures of the pied kingfisher while it was fishing near a canal enroute to Daroji . I also saw a pair of the uncommon common kingfisher, which are much smaller and rarer  near the kalyani of the Vittala Temple at Hampi.

As you are aware, Jungle Lodges and Resorts have opened their property in Hampi and they offer birding and nature walks in addition to sightseeing of monuments of Hampi. Please let me know if you would be interested in holidaying in Hampi as Novemeber onwards the season begins and its a great time to spot birds and also see bear cubs at Daroji in addition to the splendour of Hampi and Anegundi . 


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