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Contest Alert – Design your own Members Get More Rewards with Marriott Rewards

There was a time when I travelled, two decades ago, when I first set foot in international soil outside India. I was in Australia, on the other side of the hemisphere, lost in a world that was simply different. And I was in awe – of not just the landscape or the culture or the monuments – it was the lifestyle. I saw people speaking on their mobiles and working on their computers. India was new to the digital world, there were no mobile phones then, no one knew what an email was and we had not heard of the internet. But in twenty years, the world has been wired and how. In our country, smart phones and tablets launch every day and the traveler in me cannot travel without gadgets.

But it is not just technology that has changed the way we travel. Hotels – luxury brands and business hotels are all set to pamper the smart traveler. Have you ever wished that you can celebrate a complimentary birthday party for your friends on your birthday every year? Or the special weekend with your significant other in a destination of your choice?

Every traveler wants “more” out of his or her trip and hence Marriott Rewards has come up with an online game, “Members get more.” All you need is to sign up on a loyalty programme and design your own reward icon. So do you want a Mercedes to pick you up from the airport or your favourite meal cooked the way you like it and served up to your room ? As a member, you can participate in the contest and design your own reward . And if you are lucky, then your reward icon might be chosen as the winner. My reward icon is a complimentary foot massage after a long day of travel and my fingers are crossed.

Mariott Rewards, Members Get More

Enjoy free wifi with Members Get More

I always look for three things when I travel  – a complimentary WIFI, deals and discounts and upgrades. Besides my forex card, the other cards that I value the most are my frequent flyer cards and the loyalty cards offered by the hotels. A smart traveler today looks out for miles and collects rewards. And if you are wondering why you should go in for the Marriott Rewards Members Get More programme, here are five good reasons to do so.

Free wifi

I have been globetrotting around the world for almost a month now and the only thing I really crave for is a free and fast WIFI connection. There is a certain comfort in staying connected with the world even as you travel solo.

For most of us, technology has become the wow factor, an enabler, a guide and a necessity when we travel – whether it is for leisure or pleasure. Whether it is searching for a great jazz bar for the night or looking at maps online to see if I have lost my way, I am a digital nomad and I need my WIFI connection. It gets all the more better if I can sit in the comfort of my room and do all my research online and finish my article just before I head out into town to check out the night life.

Mobile check in and check out

Have you seen this haggard looking woman with a backpack, a coat hanging over her shoulder, having a bad hair day as she tries to pull out her passport from her pouch and hand it over with a tired smile and an apology to the lady at the reception? Well, that is me usually when I check in to a hotel after a long flight from India. Many a time, I just wish, I could just sit and finish my check in procedures on my mobile. And my wish has just been granted through the Marriott Rewards Programme. They are efficient, businesslike, convenient, functional and I like it.

Marriott Rewards

Mobile check in with Members Get More

Stay in that dream suite now

Well who does not like a bit of pampering now and then ? Travel is not just always about walking tours, it is also about a foot massage, it is not always about crashing out on a bunk bed, it is also about snuggling into a comfortable bed in a grand suite. Indulge yourself and spend some moments in sheer luxury by upgrading yourself to a suite.

F &B discounts

Party hard or have that special dinner, celebrate over champagne or do some wine tasting… being a member means you can get more out of F&B every time you stay.  You can check if you are entitled for discounts, specials, offers and all you have to do is to ask at the reception desk when you check in.

Marriott Rewards

Enjoy F %B discounts with Members Get More

Design your own Rewards

So if you think all these are just passe and you want something more exotic, then get around to designing your own rewards.  A spa treatment, a night out with the boys, a personalized menu, complimentary transfers – is there anything else that you wanted more out of every trip ? So what are you waiting for ? Participate in the Members Get More contest, design your own reward icon and you might just get lucky. Visit here to enter the contest


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