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Marriott Goa contest, Marriott Travel Brilliantly

Travel Brilliantly with Marriott

In the last ten months, I have been on the road virtually every day. I have travelled from Kashmir to Kanyakumari in India and have been to more than six countries. It has been a roller coaster ride and since travelling is a way of life for me, I often ask myself if there is a way I can blend both work and life effortlessly when I am on the go. For instance, if a hotel room is designed to my liking, if technology can help me save time, if I can experience local cuisine and yet stay fit and healthy throughout my trip – then that would make my journey extremely comfortable.

Marriott Goa contest, Marriott Travel Brilliantly

Marriott Hotels


And that to me is the very essence of Travel Brilliantly, a concept that Marriott Hotels and Resorts endorses and believes in.

To me, ways to make my travelling “brilliant” is all about ideas and innovations, a fusion of high end technology, personalised style and touch that makes your experience worth every moment.  And here is an opportunity for you to come up with a new idea to change the way we travel.

For instance, imagine you are in your hotel room and have not planned adequately for your sightseeing. Rather than lug a guide book and maps in your backpack, wouldn’t it be fun if your hotel updated your smartphone with all the information you need about the local sights, the tours you should take and places you should visit based on a quick understanding of you, making sure that you travel effortlessly and brilliantly?

Do you have a better idea or innovation? Then start thinking and your idea could win you free nights at any Marriott Hotels & Resorts around the world.

Marriott Travel Brilliantly, Marriott contest Travel Brilliantly

Marriott Travel Brilliantly

And for more details, do visit the Trip Advisor Page where you can share your ideas –

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  1. Laxmeesha Acharya 16 October, 2013 at 00:19 Reply

    I am not an avid traveller like you are. But whenever I have travelled, either locally or overseas, I spend the least time in the hotel. For me, travelling is going around, experiencing the food and culture and places and interacting with the local people. So, what I expect from the hotel is that when I return from my day travel (or night travel), I want to feel like coming home. I will be tired from my day’s sojourn, so I would like to see the house keeping to have done their job of sprucing up the suite and I just want to get into my well made snug bed and sleep. Morning, when I wake up, it will be great to have a cup of coffee/tea and couple of slices of toasted bread. I don’t mind making it myself…on second thoughts, I would prefer to make them myself.
    I have stayed at the Marriott at Parramatta, Sydney, for a couple of weeks…and very satisfied with my stay there. The hotel was not the Marriott exactly, one of their budget hotels I guess. But I got nothing to complain . I asked them to give me a smoking room and they gave me that…what more does a guy want?? 🙂

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