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Contest time – Whats your reason to visit Turkey ?

What is your reason to visit Turkey ? Turkish Tourism and Turkish Airways would like to know..I can give you several reasons , starting from the belly dancer

Belly dancer in Turkey, Turkish night

Belly dancer in Turkey

While you can watch the belly dancer gyrating here, let me introduce you to another sensational dancer who took our breath away in The Turkish Night at Cappadoccia. Dont miss the last one minute of this video..

Now, I cannot think of a more compelling reason to visit Turkey.

If you have another exciting reason, let Turkey Tourism and Turkish Airways know by visiting their website .You may get a chance to win a trip.


  1. roxanne bamboat 19 November, 2013 at 12:21 Reply

    The reason I want to visit Turkey is because it’s been on my wishlist for over two years now. I’ve been saving up for my travel fund and the first place I want to visit it Turkey. Everything interests me from their food ( I write about food for a living) to the history, landscape, incredible hot air balloon rides, interesting people, fun places to eat and drink and just soak in their culture. My dream to travel the world and write about it on my website. To expand it from just food to food and travel and though I have a few travel posts ( no international trips documented ) nothing would be more exciting than to have a trip to turkey inaugurate that section!

    I want to go to Turkey and soak up everything that is Turkish. From shopping, sightseeing, food, drink, using local means of transport, meeting fun locals and even admiring the architecture. I’d also really like to be in two places at one time and with its European and Asian sides, turkey seems to be the only place I can do that ! I also hope to discover offbeat and new things Turkey has to offer other than the tried and tested touristy things.

    I don’t know if I’ll win but I do know is that this seemed like a chance to try and make something I’ve been wishing for such a long time happen. If not I still hope that my visit to Turkey happens soon!

  2. Hemal 21 November, 2013 at 00:45 Reply

    Belly Dancing is indeed an awesome reason to visit Turkey. Belly Dancing as a dance form is incredibly attractive and is fun to watch.

    For me, the heritage places Turkey is a compelling reason to visit the country!

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