Win a Vacation – All you have to do is to make up an excuse !

Want to Win a Vacation – Now come up with a whacky excuse for it…

Win a Vacation is a contest by Club Mahindra where participants must submit a video to YouTube where they attempt to describe within 5 minutes telling us why they need and deserve a vacation. The videos will be evaluated by both, a jury panel & YouTube viewers. The winning entry will be chosen in accordance with the Official Rules. The winner will get a fully paid vacation by Club Mahindra. The prize will be awarded to participant with the highest score along with the judges vote. All you need to do is record your wackiest excuse on why you need a vacation and upload it to our YouTube channel. The crazier the excuse is, the more chance one has to win a vacation. 

Duration of the Contest: The WIN A VACATION Contest (“Contest”) shall commence from 28th Aug and will close on 15th Oct (both days inclusive). Last date for entries is 28th Sept.

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