I was travelling to Madras (Chennai) last week via the Shatabdi, when my blackberry beeped. There was a mail in my inbox from a journalist from Midday, Sowmya who happened to find backpacker , the blog interesting and wanted to know if the person behind the blog was interesting enough to be featured in her paper. I replied instantly with my number and we spoke for a while, interrupted by a series of network issues . I rattled off , talking about my dreams and passions when she asked me if I had any goals or missions in mind. I hadnt thought of travel in that sense- but yes, there were loads of things that I wanted to do and was hoping I could do..I shared with her the trails , Arun and I run as part of  travelwise  some of my ideas that were in cold storage for a while and lo, she published them..I saw the online version today , thanks to blogger and cousin Aarti and was humbled to find that I was featured along with the renowned writers like Rolf Potts. There were far more determined vagabonds than me and after reading the article, I realized that it is high time I make my dreams a reality . In fact, I am working on them as I post this . If you are in Bombay, you can read the article in today’s Sunday Midday – page 28 , or you can click here and go to page 28 ..

And thanks for reading and following backpacker and helping me make my dreams come true..



  1. Lakshmi 29 August, 2010 at 22:57 Reply

    Mridula – Im sure she didnt check her mail, else theres no way she couldve missed you..u are the most prolific blogger ive ever met – i just had a conversation with her, where I spoke largely abt Travelwise with arun and other projects I would like to do..

    MsChitchat – thanks for the wishes..appreciate you reading it

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