Reeta had asked me to post a favourite picture on my blog..I couldnt select one, there were so many – so I have modified the tag and posted a video – my first on my blog – a glimpse of an elephant in the wild in Masinagudi near Mudhumalai Wild life Sanctuary – nothing dramatic , but I was excited nevertheless .

Its my turn to tag and as a rule, I do not force please feel free to post your favorite picture or video or anything that interests you


  1. Preethi 5 January, 2008 at 03:34 Reply

    Masinagudi….sounds so much like Malgudi!!.. nice video. Is it really a wild elephant? I’ve been to kerala, periyar sanctuary but cud see only tamed elephants. It is kind of exciting when they aren’t tamed…

  2. backpakker 7 January, 2008 at 14:39 Reply

    Ajeya – I have a wish list …but I guess destinations just happen ..Im hoping to focus on history and spiritual places this year – what abt you ?

    Ashley -Thanks ..You can see a few down south ..hows your trip ? Wish you the same

    Reeta -Thanks – sorry- could not select a picture

    Preethi – Welcome to backpakker and thanks for your comment. Wish you a very happy new year . Its a wild elephant . Masinagudi is near Mudhumalai and Bandipur Wild life sanctuaries….you must go to these sanctuaries if you want to see them

    Kalyan -Thanks

  3. indicaspecies 7 January, 2008 at 22:50 Reply

    Being in the wilderness watching wild animals in their natural habitat is sheer pleasure. This video made me recall my adventures in the Bandhavgarh National Park. Thank you for sharing a great video. 🙂

  4. dintoons 9 January, 2008 at 15:12 Reply

    wow, majestic and glorious, elephants are always awe-inspiring!
    and love those pics of mahabalipuram, one is simply transported to another magical time and spiritual world…

    dearest backpakker, wishing you a fantastic and even more adventurous new year 2008! thanks for each of your wonderfully creative posts, inspirations and encouraging comments! and hope to see lots more of your uniquely creative stuff in this brand new year ahead!!

    take care, love n peace, and do keep travelling, shooting, creating and sharing, my friend!! ^_^

  5. backpakker 9 January, 2008 at 16:40 Reply

    Crescenet – Welcome to backpakker..I need a translator here .

    Stephanie – Thanks..I wish i actually started off this year like this, but this experience belonged to 2007. Im yet to start travelling 🙂

    Celine – I completely agree ..its a different high .I want to go to Bandhavgarh and Kanha this year

    Reeta – Glad you liked it

    Dintoons – Thank you so much for your words..Looking forward to seeing some awesome creative work from your posts too

  6. backpakker 12 January, 2008 at 10:56 Reply

    Purnima – Welcome to backpakker and wish you a great year as well ..elephants are amazing ..I always feel a sense of awe when I see them

    Nanditha Prabhu – Welcome to backpakker and thanks .Wish you a very happy new year ..please visit again

  7. Anonymous 16 January, 2008 at 09:56 Reply

    hey nice capture. I have so many such clips from field..have to find some time to upload them..some day …- tanu

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