Nature has a way of portraying the different facets of life, the contrast between being full of life and bereft of the same. Its amazing how both these perspectives are in the same location . Sankey lake, Bangalore .


  1. Merisi 13 January, 2008 at 22:51 Reply

    Yes, nature in full cycle.
    Are these egrets or herons, the birds in the first picture?
    I Corkscrew State Park in Florida, there’s one huge tree, really a giant of a tree, with dozens of stork’s nests. The birds were chattering so loudly, one could here them from a mile away. Standing near the tree, the noise was deafening.

  2. GMG 14 January, 2008 at 04:41 Reply

    Beautiful pictures, and an amazing ilustrationof the life cycle!
    I had some hopes I could get to India by the end of the month, but don’t think I’ll manage… :((
    Have a great week!

  3. Juhi 16 January, 2008 at 22:01 Reply

    It is interesting how every part of nature lives in perfect harmony…. even though the branches are bare, they still give shelter to the birds….

  4. Kalyan 20 January, 2008 at 17:10 Reply

    beautiful pics from this season & in another few months all these trees will be blooming with lovely colourful flowers…the intricacies of nature & seasons are so beautiful…thanks for sharing with us!

  5. backpakker 22 January, 2008 at 11:35 Reply

    Merisi – Nature teaches us a lot of things ..the tree has different birds ,mostly migratory – herons, storks,cormorants ..the noise is deafening.

    lorenzothellama – Wish you the same. I agree with you..I love dead trees. Would love to see your pictures

    Ceedy- very true . your comment reminds me of the poem , IF by Kipling

    GMG – Im sure that 2008 will bring you to India

    Priyank enriches our perspective.

    Ajeya – Thanks..will register .

    Smita – Thanks..your comment is more like a journalist ..are you ?

    Purnima – nature is so beautiful..
    thank you.

    Alok – Lifeless is a state as well..its a part of life too.

    Celine -Thank comes full circle !

    Onedia – Welcome to backpakker and thank you.looking forward to your visit

    Mark-Thanks..Its a lovely tree ..and the birds make it livelier

    Ashley – You are an optimist !

    Stephanie – Thank you..trees have always fascinated me..

    Juhi – has a cycle of its own and it maintains the harmony

    Reeta – Seasons change and nature does have its own course

    GMG -Thank you for the award …

    Kalyan – True . Seasons change and trees have a way of rejuvenating themselves

    Standby Mind – Happy new year to you too..and thank you

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