Oktoberfest Munich with Lufthansa A350

Its Oktoberfest Munich and time for beer ! All roads and routes lead to Munich. The Bavarian capital comes alive during Oktoberfest (which starts in fact in September) where beer is a religion. Here is my experience on the Lufthansa A350 when I flew from Mumbai to Munich flights on invitation from Lufthansa.

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The fun starts at the Munich airport itself which is the only airport to house a brewery. The best way to enjoy the spirit of the festival and explore the top things to do in Munich is to take the most comfortable Lufthansa flight from Mumbai to Munich. I flew the modern, hi tech, eco friendly A350 aircraft and the experience was rather unparalleled.

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I usually hate flying from Mumbai (or Delhi), especially when the experience from BIAL – Bangalore International Airport is so comfortable and convenient, but I made the exception. And the eight hours of flying was virtually like a dream. I flew Premium Economy and I barely missed the Business Class. I slept like a baby, sipped wine and juices, saw umpteen movies and even tweeted the experience on the go ! Here is my take on why you must  fly the Lufthansa A350, which are direct Mumbai to Munich flights.

Lufthansa A350, Mumbai to Munich flights, Oktoberfest Munich

Lufthansa A350 – lets fly to Munich

Sleep like a baby

What do you look for in a long haul flight ? For me it is just comfort . I need leg space and good sleep so that I am not down with jet lag when I land in my destination. While nothing comes close to a luxurious flat bed,  I was quite surprised that the Premium Economy offered great leg space and I could stretch my feet rather comfortably. While the capacity of the aircraft was around 290 passengers, there were just 21 in Premium Economy. The cabins were bigger and better.

Usually I get a bit of a headache but the air pressure was perfect and the engines were so quiet and we were lucky that there was hardly any turbulence as well. For the first time I actually managed close to six hours of sleep in an aircraft – a first for me.

Pink or blue – choose your favourite colour

Lufthansa A350, Mumbai to Munich flights, Oktoberfest Munich

Choose your favourite colour

While my Mumbai – Munich flight was during the night, my return flight was in broad daylight. I was rather wide awake in the afternoon but I felt like I was looking at life through a kaleidoscope. I lost sense of time and I could not say if if was afternoon or evening. The colours of the cabin changed from a soft pink to sea blue to a glowing orange while lilting melody filled the air. I later learnt from the air hostess that there is a science behind it and it is not a whimsical decision based on mood swings. Colour therapy has been used to reduce jet lag and there are apparently over 24 LED mood lights that bathe the cabin during different times of the day. Even the lighting is adjusted to the bio rhythm of the passengers apparently. I felt like I was in a spa. All I missed was the foot massage.

La La Land On the Menu

Oh, there were more but I decided what I wanted on my entertainment menu for the day. The A350 is compatible with a Companion App which enables you to choose your in flight entertainment options and even create a playlist before you fly. The app also gives you flight information on the go. So, I saw a plethora of movies and listened to a lot of music and almost had a party up in the skies.

Lufthansa A350, Mumbai to Munich flights, Oktoberfest Munich

Hello from the skies

Say hello to your FB friends from the clouds

Lufthansa A350, Mumbai to Munich flights, Oktoberfest Munich

hello from the skies

Or Tweet from 38000 feet high ! The uninterrupted, super fast broadband connection from the skies is a bonus for addicts like me. I could even reply to emails on the go and while I was tweeting and sharing pictures of myself in the clouds, I even answered a call from a friend from Copenhagen who had no clue that I was flying !

Lufthansa A350, Mumbai to Munich flights, Oktoberfest Munich

And the colours of the skies

Gourmet food with wine and cheese

I always find it difficult to get fresh and tasty food in the skies. It is usually tasteless, over heated and does not digest easily as well. Added to that, i am a vegetarian. But here, the options were many – from Asian Vegetarian to Jain to even vegan options, there was so much of choice. I dont usually drink much on the go as it dehydrates me but I could not refuse a glass of wine later after this meal.

Lufthansa A350, Mumbai to Munich flights, Oktoberfest Munich

Meals up in the air

The Lufthansa A350 flies between Mumbai and Munich and Delhi and Munich everyday.

I was invited by Lufthansa to experience the flight on the Mumbai-Munich-Munich sector.

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