Ponmudi – A getaway for a couple of hours…

I felt a strong urge to drop everything and run … to the hills , to the open spaces and hide from the world..Its such a paradox if you think about it . Urban life with its claustrophobic environment binds you..there is big brother watching you…you are connected and networked all your life . Try breaking it and you can lose your self in the vast open arms of nature where silence greets you and you are cut off from the world ..I did just that and got away for a couple of hours one Saturday ,a recluse retreating into the hills , running away from civilisation

I was in God’s own country when I heard of a lesser known hill station,Ponmudi. The images that flashed on my mind were some dirty motels, boating in a lake , tea shops selling snacks, loud tourists having a louder picnic,some drunken revellers and lots of kids… and yet I went , just to add another destination to my conquests ..

The journey was quick…about an hour through winding roads across hills …the scenery changed from a mosaic of browns and greens to blues and greens …we were the lone travellers ..

It was a dead end , all roads led to a panoramic 360* view of the hills . small hillocks branching into mountains as the western ghats stood tall amongst us …hills , hills and more hills,some carpeted by grass and some by rocks…some barren and some fertile,some near and some far ..we climbed a few and reached to the top . We were soon joined by a group of school kids and some trekkers who were silent in their quest to conquer new heights

The clouds were scooping down , only to be brushed aside by the winds . The mountain winds gripped me in an embrace as I allowed myself to be swayed in its grip . The silence was all pervading…there were no motels or snack bars …just us and the mountains .

As you climb and reach new heights , you see the world opening up at the other end . At every level, the view changes and so does your perspective . I let the moments sink in …it seemed forever . It purged my soul and refreshed me from the urban chaos .. If you believe in magic , this is it .

It was the quickest getaway ..a couple of hours and life became the usual mundane cycle…and I had returned to the mad pace called life

Getting there
Get to Trivandrum , the capital city of Kerala best known for Kovalam beaches and givernment offices . Ponmudi in the western ghats is a little more than an hour drive from there . Translated as the golden peak,its about 65 kms drive there and you could trek here


  1. Nancy 25 June, 2007 at 17:56 Reply

    It is wonderful that you can escape to such beautiful places and make a day trip out of it.

    Looks like you had a great day!

    Good for you! 😉

  2. indicaspecies 9 July, 2007 at 22:04 Reply

    I feel similarly right now backpakker. Like dropping everything and running to the mountains to be embraced in the arms of nature. And I shall do just that, hopefully soon.
    You’ve got a lovely blog full of beautiful pictures. I’ve been here before, will keep visiting:)

  3. Tanya 16 July, 2007 at 05:45 Reply

    This is a beautiful place… you can almost feel the wind as you look at the images.. it is truly magical.. thank you for sharing the moment 🙂

  4. backpakker 18 July, 2007 at 09:53 Reply

    Thanks Indicaspecies and tanya …Ive been an escapist all my life ..maybe thats why I run into the mountains and oceans…and when I need reassurance , I usually disappear ..and thats why they are magical – they cannot hurt you as people do…

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