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Skywatch Friday – Chettinadu palace in Kanadukathan

This Skywatch Friday, we visit the private Chettinadu palace in Kanadukathan, in Tamil Nadu. The palace is not open to public as the present generation of the royal families live here.The Chettinadu palace stretches across an entire road and I was unable to capture it in one frame.

Kanadukathan Chettinadu palace

A view of the Chettinadu palace from a side road

But the beauty about Chettinadu, a cluster of villages in Tamil Nadu which has Karaikudi as its main town is that they are strewn with palatial homes which were once inhabited by the wealthy and influential community called the Chettiyars,

Chettinadu palace Kanadukathan

A closer view of the Chettinadu palace

Most of them left their villages seeking greener pastures – while some moved to the cities, others moved out of India. But the villages still give you a peek into their culture – not just their palatial mansions made of Burmese wood, Belgian glass, Italian marble and Japanese tiles, but also into their culture and cuisine. There are markets selling antique goods in Karaikudi town..see a post here on some old locks that I found there.

Chettinadu palace Kanadukathan

Just one part of the palace..the rest of it stretches across the entire street

Chettinadu palace Kanadukathan, Chettinadu palace, Kanadkathan

Chettinadu palace at Kanadukathan

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