It was barely a week ago when I boarded my flight to Turkey, a sudden trip that was sponsored by Turkish Airways, who were kind enough to give me an upgrade as well . And I cannot forget my first ever glimpse of Cappadocia. I just got back yesterday, the bags are not yet unpacked and the pictures are still in the memory cards, waiting to be downloaded. But these pictures stood out with their blue skies and dreamy mysterious looks.

cappadoccia fairy chimneys Turkey photos, Cappadoccia Turkey , fairy chimneys photos

Fairy chimneys from Cappadocia


cappadocia fairy chimneys Turkey photos, Cappadocia Turkey , fairy chimneys photos

Cappadocia fairy chimneys


To see more gorgeous skies, visit Skywatch.


  1. Sylvia K 3 August, 2013 at 09:42 Reply

    What an incredible trip!! And your captures for the day are superb, Lakshmi!! What an awesome looking place and beautiful skies for the perfect backdrop! Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

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