The story of Kuldhara Rajasthan

Kuldhara  is a small hamlet tucked away near Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. In my previous post, I narrated the story of Kuldhara which was abandoned and is believed to be haunted. I met an old man who narrated the tale of the Paliwal Brahmins who used to live here in the 18th century. Rajasthan has its share of several ghost towns and haunted tales, including the story of Bhangarh Fort, which is believed to be the most haunted place in India. But Kuldhara is spooky as well.

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The Paliwals were arrested by the local ruler who also wanted to forcibly marry the daughter of the village headman. The community decided to leave their homes overnight to escape the wrath of the ruler. It is believed that they left their heart behind and even today visit their village as ghosts. Even today, people claim that “chudails” or ghosts walk around here at night and many have encountered them or felt something supernatural and mysterious.

Kuldhara, ghost town in Rajasthan, lone haunted temple in Rajasthan

Kuldhara – A haunted village

Walking around the Kuldhara abandoned village, you get an eerie feel. Everything looks deserted and quiet. All the houses and buildings are in crumbles. Only an old temple stands.

We drove around here in the night as well, but did not feel anything unusual. However, the locals do claim that they have felt something unusual and insist that we do not visit in the night. I am always curious about the mystical and the supernatural and I wanted to linger for a while, but my driver was not comfortable at all.

Kuldhara a ghost town near Jaisalmer, haunted village in Rajasthan

Kuldhara village

But in this video, you will hear the story of Kuldhara the ghost town from an old man, who is the caretaker of the village. He however denies that Kuldhara Rajasthan is not haunted.  There is a panache in the way he narrates the story and it sounds so authentic coming from him, in his own dialect . His wrinkled eye and flowing beard almost makes him a relic of the village, although he assures us that Kuldhara Rajasthan is not haunted at all.

I had visited Kuldhara as a guest of Suryagarh in Jaisalmer


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