Journeys and Jottings – Why I love backyard travel

There is a joy in sitting on your favourite bench in your neighbourhood park and watching life pass you by. There is no reason to run. The mist gently floats through the trees, there is a gentle breeze, birds are singing and the trees are lush green welcoming the day. I could be in any part of the world right now but then I am home. Welcome to another edition of Journeys and Jottings.


When you are on wheels, jet setting across countries, looking for exotic experiences, sometimes you forget to enjoy the beauty of your own neighbourhood. And I believe that our cities have secrets yet to be explored.  The local historic trails, the old markets, the little book stores, the quaint cafes ..I think there is so much to be discovered right here.

Some of my favourite travels and travel stories have come from my own backyard – people stories, birds, wildlife, heritage, culture.. I can probably go on. Which is probably why I have dedicated almost all of July to Karnataka and stories from the state where I live. I am also planning to explore more of South India because I always feel that it is a different country when compared to the rest of the nation .

What can one look forward to in July ? Well to be honest, I have not planned my blog calendar this month. I am still lost in a jet lag and I am in a holiday mood. But there will be more travel and travel stories – so happy reading !


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