Why you must sail on a yacht and not a boat in Goa

Luxury Yachts, Goa

One of my earliest “misadventurers” was in a yacht club when I tried learning to sail as a young teenager. It was in Madras (now Chennai) harbour and on my very first day out at sea, I plunged into the deep . I barely ventured out again but my fascination with yachts and sailing was rekindled with the husband learning how to sail .

So, every time I travelled to islands and beach destinations, I was lost in a medley of sails and yachts. My earliest memory was looking out of my hotel window in Auckland and gazing at the many colourful sails that dotted the blue sky. Cannes was another great experience . Walking around the Marina, I realized a racing event was about to start and it was fun, watching the teams and cheering them as they steered into the oceans.

Back home, I was curious about destinations in India where one can charter private yachts, rent them for a few hours and cruise. And it turned out to be Goa. A lot of us like to go on a ferry but there is something exciting about a yacht . If you are heading on a cruise next time, then charter a luxury yacht in Goa just for the experience. Here are four reasons why it should be a yacht and not a boat on your next journey in Goa

Luxury yachts in Goa

Luxury yachts in Goa

Yachts spell luxury

Nothing can be more romantic and cosy than getting into a luxurious yacht. Being privately owned, there is always a sense of exclusiveness to it. It is not just about having a wedding in a yacht or going on a honeymoon. It is just for that once in a lifetime holiday with your significant other or your close friends, on the sea or along the river .

For the special moment

Yachts to me have always symbolised parties, celebrities and corporate events. Ring in that special moment in your life with a cruise on a yacht. A birthday, a special day or just any day when you want to feel special –  You can have a private party with music and barbeque and the intimacy you desire. Indulge in the luxury, surrounded by nature and breathe in the good life.

Charter your own course

I stumbled upon cruises on luxury yachts in Goa which takes you to islands, villages, bird sanctuaries in Goa – some places that are usually off the regular tourist circuit. Take a pick – sea or the river and a destination of your choice. This is your own private journey and you can go wherever you like – an island of your choice or just aimless journey, feeling the wind in your face. I have always wanted to visit Charao Island for the birds.Goa is not just about the sea and the beaches. The river Mandovi is the lifeline and spend a few hours cruising past the villages.

A spirit of adventure

If a party with a chef on board is not exciting enough and you really want to go off the tourist circuit and get all adventurous, then combine your favourite water sport with a cruise. I have seen many tourists world over who take a private charter to explore the best spots for diving or to snorkel. You can also jet ski or kayak if you like. 

So, let the wind blow on your face and get set on experiencing a different aspect of Goa.

This post is written in collaboration with Marine Asia – a yacht charter company that offers luxury cruises in Goa


  1. Tushar 26 June, 2015 at 06:37 Reply

    A dream now is reality. I like both – Yacht as well as boat.
    I have yet to sail in a boat also. Lets see when..but it is luxury for sure.

  2. Red Rock 27 June, 2015 at 15:44 Reply

    I visited Goa and it is a beautiful place to spend holidays. Beaches of Goa, they are clean and complete package of attraction. I want to visit Goa again.
    Thanks for sharing your views for Goa, I like them.

    • Lakshmi Sharath 19 July, 2015 at 14:54 Reply

      I think there are different kinds of yachts and duration.the link details the same. Most of them are a bit high keeping corporates in mind but I guess they are competitive with five stars and bog resorts..also sold keeping in mind a private party or a personal occasion..say a 10th anniversary or something like that

  3. Pari Mehta 27 January, 2016 at 12:14 Reply

    Spending some quality time with the loved ones in the lap of the nature is a unique experience in itself. Goa is a good place to enjoy the nature, I once went on a sail with my friends and I have no words to explain how awesome the experience was. Very nice post, revived my old memories!

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