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Top ten things to do in Munich

Think Munich or Munchen and you think of Oktoberfest, BMW, FC Bayern Munich and Marienplatz. But there is more to this Bavarian capital than these. The River Isar that flows peacefully through the city becomes  a hub of barbeque parties, while adventure enthusiasts even go rafting on a traditional log raft with a band for company. From airport breweries to palaces of nymphs, Munich has its share of hidden surprises as well. And if you are lucky, you can even get a chance to experience them in Munich itself, courtesy Lufthansa by playing the Munich Unheard game . I have been to Munich a couple of times and I have had my share of both touristy and offbeat experiences. However if you are looking for some unusual and fun things to do in Munich beyond the familiar  top ten things to do in Munich then here are my suggestions

Top ten things to do in Munich

Take a ghost tour in Munich

The cobbled streets of Munich come alive in the dark with spirits , grave diggers, murderers and executioners. Ghosts tell stories. The dark side of Munich lives on in its legends and in its gory past. The tour takes you into dark alleys and cul de sacs as you visit cemeteries and haunted monuments. There are several walking tours that start well past 8 pm where you can discover the hidden and haunted secrets of Munich. This is one of the fun things to do in Munich after dark, especially when you are in high spirits.

Get high at Augustiner Brau

I was fascinated by the tall funky beer mugs that I saw at my host’s reception at Hotel Laimer Hof.  And that is when I heard of the oldest brewery in Munich – Augustiner Brau which was started by the monks. The medieval brewery which was started around the 13th century has a charming tale of its own with over 600 years of brewing history. Besides the monastery, one can even head to the beer garden. The story goes that the brewery has its own private well and the water used to brew the beer .

Have a drink at only airport brewery in the world

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You dont have to go to Munich airport just to catch a flight. Situated in between two runaways, in a large open square that looks more like a stage to hold concerts is Airbrau Brewery, the only airport brewery in the world. Forget the beer gardens in the city. Lose yourself in the laughter and fun in Europe’s largest roofed garden. Airbrau is a hub by itself as locals throng the beer garden. You can try any of the seasonal beers here or the famous wheat beers that are brewed specially in the airport. You can even ask for a tour of the brewery and its one of the fun things to do in Munich.

Spend a day at Nyphenburg Palace

Top ten things to do in Munich

While Munich is a haven for castles and palaces, move away from the city centre to visit the Castle of Nymphs. Gifted by King Ferdinand to his queen Henrietta after she gave birth to his son, the castle is an ode to beauty. And you must not miss the Gallery of Beauties where 36 portraits of beautiful women gaze at you. The gardens are perhaps the homes of nymphs as you can even go for a private gondola ride here in the lake. While your are here, you can even visit the Royal Porcelain Factory close by or head to Hirschgarten, the largest beer garden which can house over 8000 people.

Surfing in Eisbachwelle

While walking in the English Garden  (Englischer  Garten) I saw this little stream where picnickers were enjoying a day out here. But it is also the hangout of  surfers who were touching new heights on the cold icy brook. I was told that the  wave was created artificially and has been the hangout for adventure and water sports enthusiasts. Surfing here has been a wave for over three decades and it can even reach half a meter high. Highly recommended as one of the fun things to do in Munich.

If you are excited about these hidden and offbeat experiences in Munich, then play this game of Munich Unheard which has been created by Lufthansa. You may be the next lucky person to visit the Bavarian capital. And if you have more suggestions for some fun things to do in Munich, then do leave a comment here.

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