Sunset on Ramappa lake

About 70 kms from the twin towns of Warangal and Hanamkonda is a village called Palampet which is completely lost in the middle of civilisation. The journey is one of the best I have ever travelled and what is interesting is that there was not a single milestone that will tell me that I am on the right route. The reason I say this is that the 13th century Ramappa Temple in Palampet built by the Kakatiyas is claimed to be a tourist site and there is nothing remotely touristy about it. The lake which is just half a km from the temple is said to as ancient as the temple, created by the Kakatiyas as well. It is like an earthen dam which is about 2000 feet long and it forms a lake around the hills . And there is a lake shore temple there as well.


  1. Aaarti 1 November, 2008 at 11:30 Reply

    Woww, love the view.. could just sit there and stare into the sky forever… n looks so empty… must have been one hellova trip!! 🙂

    btw, advance anniversaryy wishes….:)

  2. Lakshmi 10 November, 2008 at 19:02 Reply

    harekrishnaji – I did was beautiful, thanks

    Jeevan – I wish I could

    Dharmabum – for a few moments only..back to civilisation now

    Sukku – Yes, it is beautiful sure you must have had a good time then

    Vishesh – 🙂 very peaceful..not a soul

    UK – Not very locals still pollute it , but much better than all those lakes in hill stations

    Mridula – was so silent and peaceful out there..

    Mitr – love travelling to hidden spots 🙂

    Aaarti – thanks for the wishes..yes, the silence still echoes in my ears

    Kamini – for how long is the question ..

    Alok – thanks 🙂

    Anu – your dads from talk to him more about these places ..

    Ravi – Looking forward to them

    Matt – Thanks..:)

    Indrani – yes and its great fun to travel like that

    magiceye – thanks 🙂

    celine – thanks..its very quiet and untouched by man as of now

    Arun – Do visit and Im sure u will enjoy the trip

    Vamsee – yes, the peaceful setting adds to the beauty

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