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Take the RedBus on your next journey and buy your coupons at Cuponation

There is a romance in every journey, be it by rail or by road. Most travellers I know are usually passionate about trains or buses. Although I love road trips, I am more of a train traveller. Given a choice, I would give the bus a miss and take the train. Bad roads and bumpy trips are not usually my cup of tea. But of late, I am slowly veering towards bus trips – the convenience, the ability to book tickets on the go, and of course there is no tatkal quota to give me a headache.


There is something impulsive about a bus trip. I remember going to the bus stand in Mumbai several years ago and picking up the next available bus to Murud Janjeera on an impulse. Or heading to Sringeri on an overnight bus from Bangalore and deciding on the last minute to go to Hornadu and picking up a bus from there. The heart of India lies in its small towns and villages and if you like to discover the nooks and corners of the country, then buses are your lifeline.

I was surfing through Redbus, the leading bus booking portal yesterday, looking to buy a ticket for my brother, when I was fascinated to know that there are more than 80,000 routes that they have mapped on Indian roads. Now, that is something. I forgot about my brother’s ticket and started exploring, playing around with the destinations that they had to offer. I was hoping to go to Kodaikanal to get a breather from the heat in Chennai. If you would like to head somewhere for a quick weekend, where are you planning to go ? And before buying your tickets, pick up exclusive Redbus coupons from Cuponation which offers more deals and discounts than what the portal already has to offer.




  1. Tim 16 June, 2014 at 21:26 Reply

    I understand the convenience of buses and the fact that they go more places however I think that is why a journey by train is often more of a journey wrapped in romance of a by-gone era. When I have the choice I will always try and take the train. You are right though, for trips on the fly it is often difficult to get tickets.

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