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Travel Tuesday – A glimpse of old Angkor, the town

Angkor Wat, the symbol of Cambodia means The Temple City or the city which is now referred only by its temple. For all that you can see today in the ancient capital town of Yashodapura, is the 12th century temple built by King Suryavarman 11.There were palaces built in this town apparently but none of them remain today. However locals say that one can see some of the old streets which were once part of the ancient capital town. As I looked down from one of the towers of Angkor Wat, I saw this path going into a mysterious world of its own, away from the temple .

Reminded me of Frost’s Road Not Taken and I realized like the poet that “being one traveller” I could not travel on two different roads at the same time. And yet, I am often fascinated by roads and detours that takes one away from the mainstream, from the regular paths. There is an element of mystery in them, a sense of excitement as you wonder where they will take you. Journeys like these I believe make your life, not just holidays.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia, Siem Reap, Yashodara

An old street in Angkor Wat probably part of an ancient town





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