angkor wat

angkor watCambodiasiem reap

Travel Tuesday – A glimpse of old Angkor, the town

Angkor Wat, the symbol of Cambodia means The Temple City or the city which is now referred only by its ...
angkor watBlogCambodiaSunday snapshot

Sunday Snapshot – A morning in Angkor Wat

I am always a bit wary about taking photographs of people abroad without asking for their permission. However I was ...
angkor watAsiaasia through my eyesBlogCambodia

Happy New Year

Last January I woke up to a sight like this. A sunrise in Angkorwat in Cambodia. I wonder where 2013 ...
angkor watsiem reapSkywatch

Skywatch Friday – A sunset in Siem Reap

Sometimes the skies make you pause in your journey. You may be on the road or in a village somewhere ...
angkor watCambodia

Colours of sunrise – Angkor Wat

I am not the sunrise variety and neither is the husband..but we were told that the sunrises at Angkor Wat ...

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