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Cruising down Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia

It was a beautiful day, one of those days when you would like to lose yourself in the never ending ...
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Sunset in Siem Reap , Cambodia

Most people rave about the sunrise in Angkor Wat and insist that its a sight to behold. Well, I dont ...
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Travel Tuesday – A glimpse of old Angkor, the town

Angkor Wat, the symbol of Cambodia means The Temple City or the city which is now referred only by its ...
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Outer Bass Reliefs in Bayon Temple, Angkor Thom, Cambodia.

For a lot of tourists, a visit to Cambodia begins and ends with Angkor Wat. But barely a few kilometres ...
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Skywatch Friday – A sunset in Siem Reap

Sometimes the skies make you pause in your journey. You may be on the road or in a village somewhere ...

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