This is not my first flight experience on Scoot.   In the early days,  I had flown to Singapore on Tiger Air which later merged with Scoot. I have also flown to Gold Coast in Australia from Bangalore via Singapore and that was one of my first experiences of a long haul comfortable flight on a budget airline. Affordable airline tickets are not just the only USP from Scoot.  The award-winning low-cost airline from SIA (Singapore Airlines ) group is one of the best airlines if you are planning a trip to Asia and Australia.  I have flown several budget airlines, but there is something special about Scoot that makes it stand out. Perhaps its the bright and vibrant yellows splashed around the aircraft. Perhaps its the ever-smiling and sprightly crew who fuss around you when you board the flight. Or perhaps its the youthful and fun spirit that defines Scootitude. There is something familiar about flying Scoot, besides of course the affordability and value, the efficient service and comfort. I flew Scoot Airlines recently to both Vietnam and Laos and it was one of my best flying experiences ever with seamless connectivity and comfortable transits in Changi. If you are looking for cheap flights to Vietnam or flights to Laos, I strongly recommend Scoot Airlines. Even though Scoot is tagged as a budget airline, there is no compromise on quality keeping in mind the passenger’s comfort. As I pen my travel experience, my head is up in the air, as I am already nestled comfortably, wrapped in a cozy and funky blanket from Scoot.

Chennai – Singapore

I boarded my flight from Chennai instead of Bangalore as Scoot now flies its  787 Dreamliner to Singapore from Chennai. I was flying economy but the seats were so comfortable with sufficient leg space that it did not feel like I was in a low-cost airline. Scoot has over 20 Dreamliners now and they fly usually from India to key cities in Australia, Japan, China, South Korea, Indonesia and even a couple of destinations in Europe via Singapore. The Dreamliner is perfect when it comes to long haul flights, especially if you are looking for affordable airline tickets to the destinations in the Asia Pacific.

For those who would like to upgrade, you can opt for Scoot Plus that gives you several privileges like leather seats with 20 cm recline that is wider and more comfortable, fully adjustable headrests, Wi-Fi and in-seat power. You can also opt for an increase in baggage allowance and check-in 30 kgs and carry with you 15kgs of cabin luggage. You can order meals of your choice well in advance and beverages including alcohol in select flights. I opted for a Vegetable Biriyani with spicy Madras curry and finished it with some delicious chocolates. I had a window seat in the emergency exit and I had enough leg space that I could actually sleep right there. As the lights dimmed and the soft music echoed in the cabin, I was slowly overwhelmed by sleep.

Transit in Changi Airport

The flight from Chennai to Singapore was a little more than four hours and we reached Singapore a little before 8 am local time, a little earlier than expected. I had over five hours of transit but then I have spent over 24 hours in Changi and it is still not enough. Personally, Changi is more than just an airport. And it looked beautiful, dressed in Christmas hues. But for me, Changi is a destination by itself. There were so many cafes and restaurants and after a quick breakfast, I found a quiet corner to relax and slept for another hour. We landed in Terminal 1 and although one can criss-cross across different terminals in Changi in a jiffy, I was relieved that I could just relax here. The transit was so seamless and comfortable that I barely realized that five hours swept past me.

Singapore to Ho Chi Minh City

As I boarded the A320, there was so much buzz and energy around. The crew were all smiles and chirpy and were from different countries, including India. Scoot is an airline for the young at heart and the flight experience was lively. I remember they even had a SCOOT Day when I flew to Gold Coast where the crew turned up in beautiful clothes and gave us icecreams.

However here I was touched to find a handwritten note wishing me all the best, with a box of delicious chocolates. Scoot has a fleet of over 28 A320 aircrafts and they fly between some cities in India and Singapore besides destinations in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Phillippines among other cities. The flight was a little above two hours and the landing was so smooth that I lost myself in the beautiful landscape of Vietnam, even though it was a bit hazy from the skies. If you are looking for cheap flights to Vietnam, then Scoot is your answer.

Luang Prabang – Vientiane – Singapore

On my return, I flew from Luang Prabang in Laos to Singapore. Scoot does not fly directly from Luang Prabang to Singapore and hence we flew to Vientiane, the capital of Laos. It was a very short flight, barely 45 minutes but although the same aircraft flew to Singapore, we were asked to disembark for a few minutes for security reasons. Well, I did not really mind it as it was just a fifteen-minute break and I managed to get myself some coffee at the airport. As Scoot Airlines is a member of the SIA group, it has a codeshare with Silk Air as well and the flight from Vientiane to Singapore was full. It was also a much longer flight and it was almost three hours. But we flew the A320 and it was quite comfortable. They even managed to get me some delicious vegetarian meals on board with chocolates. There are not many flights to Laos, especially Luang Prabang and Scoot is definitely one of the best if you are looking for affordable airline tickets.

Transit in Changi and SIA lounge

I reached Singapore late in the evening around 6 pm and the airport was extremely festive. But it was also very busy and my transit was a little over four hours. This time however I got complimentary access at the elegant and exclusive SATS Premier lounge in Terminal 1. I had been to the Lounge at Terminal 3 earlier but this was my first experience here. It was bigger with a buffet that served a variety of dishes including Indian and Asian besides continental and the bar was brimming with spirits. I got myself a complimentary foot massage and then relaxed for a while with a glass of wine and napped a bit until it was time to board my flight home

Singapore -Chennai

Finally, it was time to head home. I boarded the 737 and binged on the hot biriyani again and watched a movie in the inflight entertainment.  The 737 experience is one of the differentiators between Scoot and other low-cost airlines as it offers an enhanced flying experience to the passengers, especially on long haul flights. The cabins are spacious with more legroom, the air quality is better and the overall flying experience is very comfortable. No wonder the airline has been awarded as the best low-cost airlines many times in different countries, the recent awards being the Best Low-Cost Carrier at the Travel Weekly Asia 2019 and Readers’ Choice Awards • Best Low-Cost Carrier at the 30th TTG Asia Awards in 2019. It has also been named in the Top 10 World’s Best Long Haul Low-Cost Airlines 2019,

Why you must fly Scoot

Scoot flies to over 67 destinations across 16 countries and as a member of the SIA family, it has a codeshare with different airlines and the network gives you access to 160 destinations, especially across the Asia Pacific region. The passengers can also book different destinations serviced by SIA. Scoot stands for innovation and modern technology as it has a Chatbot called MARVIE who interacts with you online. The airline is trendy, contemporary, young at heart and has a lively personality and attitude that is defined as Scootitude. As budget travellers, you don’t have to compromise on value or quality and you can pay for what you need while flying. In a way, the experience is customised based on the needs and services as well. And Scoot does give the choice to the passengers. You can upgrade and opt for  ScootPlus which is available for those flying on the 787 Dreamliners. You can also pre-book your meals before you fly through Scoot Café F&B offerings and also pre-book your lounge access through Scoot-in-Style. There is in-flight shopping for those who want to buy something at the last minute through Scootalogue. And if you are looking for affordable airline tickets to any destination in the Asia Pacific, then you must fly Scoot. So in the next year, fasten your seat belts and Scoot your way to the next holiday.

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