Best beaches in India, Karwar

Every beach tells a story or has a memory attached to it. In this post, we look at  my favourite five best beaches in India. You can now search for your favourite beach with Expedia .

Madras Chennai Marina Beach, Best beaches in India

The Marina Beach on a full moon night

I grew up in a city which has apparently the second longest beach in the world and it was actually man made, created by the British in Chennai almost four hundred years ago. The Marina Beach was my childhood playground and even today, it is my favourite haunt in the city.

There is an energy in Marina that can only be felt. Watching the fishermen in the morning, eating “sundal” from the vendors in the evening, going for long walks, gazing at sunsets or moonrise, listening to stories behind the statues and the buildings on the road, the many memorials – there is more to it than just being a beach. It was after all the venue for the latest protest  against “Jallikettu.”

However, beaches mean different things to different people. To me every beach is linked with a memory, an emotion. There are some beaches that are virgin,  lost in solitude, others bursting with energy. For some it is all about water sports and parties, for others, it is romance and solitude.

Losing myself in the shores, feeling my toes tucked away in the sands, listening to the cries of the fishermen at sea, watching the sun caress the waters listening to the rhythm – beaches for me are about sun and sand. Here are my favourite five best beaches in India.

Andamans - Havelock

Clouds add to the drama

Kudle beach, Gokarna

Kudle beach is one of the smallest beaches of Gokarna. I remember walking along the shore, lost in the silence. Surrounded by the Western Ghats, the beaches in Gokarna have been a personal favourite – Om Beach and Half Moon Beach as well.

Om Beach, Gokarna , Best Beaches in India

The mystical OM Beach

If you are looking for a beach where you can do absolutely nothing but just go on long walks and soak in the sun, then pick any of the beaches here dotting this holy town or head to near by Karwar, another town which has some of the best beaches in India.

Best beaches in India, Karwar

Sunset in Karwar

Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam

Named after the Vizhinjam Lighthouse located on top of a hillock near the sea, the Lighthouse beach is located at the far south of Kovalam.  Watch the fishermen head out at sea or go for a walk around sunrise or sunset . You can either spend your day at the observation tower of the lighthouse, looking out into the vast expanse and do nothing as well or plunge into adventure sports and activities.

Andamans - Havelock-island

My first view of Radhanagar beach

Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island

Ranked 7th on the list of best beaches in the world by Time Magazine, Radhanagar beach is personally one of the best beaches in India that I have been to.  Mesmerised by the pristine white sands, the turquoise blue waters  and emerald tinged forests that grow on its shores, I can just sit here for hours with a book in hand and do absolute nothing.

Andamans - Havelock

White sands – pristine and clear..

Palolem Beach, Goa

Often referred to as the Goa’s lost paradise, Palolem beach is teeming with huts and restaurants, with live music flowing freely along with beer. Until a couple of years ago, Palolem was one of Goa’s virgin beaches, but thanks to the tourists, it has become rather commercialised. However it is still one of my favourites beaches in India. Walk around here in the night and you can feel the wind in your face and the moonlight caressing the waters as hundreds of crabs find their way on the shores.

Tarkali Beach, sunset, Sindudurg, best beaches in India

After sunset at Tarkali Beach

Tarkarli Beach, Sindhudurg

Nothing is more special than an evening on the seashore on the Konkan coast, gazing at the Arabian Sea. I had been to several beaches in Sindudurg but Tarkali Beach is a personal favourite. It was late evening and the sun had set but the golden light was still reflecting in the waters. If you are lucky, you can sight dolphins and turtles as well. Listen to stories of Sindudurg, the sea fort and the tales of the ocean from local fishermen while munching delicious Malvani cuisine. The coast is rich in history and it has some of the best beaches in India.

Best beaches in India

The sea and its emotions

There are many more beaches I can think of and each of them springs a memory or an emotion. Tranquebar, the Danish settlement has a special corner in my mind and so does Corbyns Cove in Port Blair. Every one has a personal memory attached to a beach and which is yours? Do you like a lazy day at the beach, bathing in the sun or does an adventure sport get your adrenaline pumping?

Expedia has come up with an easy interactive tool to map the best beaches in India. You can now choose whether you want a romantic secluded beach or a shore to party away the blues. Search for hidden beaches, virgin beaches, beaches to spend time with family or friends or perhaps alone.  You can also look for beach towns to spend your weekends, look out for places to eat, shacks and hotels and nearby sites as well. To explore more such beaches in the country, click here.




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