camps at Pangong lake, Pangong Tso, lakes of Ladakh, things to do in Ladakh

From bird watching in the Chilika Lake to going on wild road trips, from the history of coffee in India to the story behind Lonavala’s chikki, from Vikings near Copenhagen to drunk deers in Munich ,  here are my favourites and the top travel stories from 2017. There is also a separate section on Travel Blogging as well. I did not have a target last year but I wrote about 55 posts. I wanted to ensure that I do a mix of stories that are just stories and not focussed on SEO and are not listicles either. These stories are not advertorials although a few of them may be from sponsored trips.

Read here to see where travel took me in 2017

Most of my travels are a combination of personal and official trips ( a fellow blogger always says that one must not base your portfolio on just freebies and I agree). In 2018, I have set myself a target of writing at least 100 posts, out of which I would like to write at least a handful of stories that are purely dedicated to story telling. Read these posts if you have missed them through the year and let me know which one is your favourite.

Going wild on a road trip from Bangalore to Kochi

Jog Falls, Karnataka , Western Ghats

A lone cascade in the greenery

This was one wild road trip, as we drove across the three states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala , meandering through national parks and wildlife reserves.

Rani Padmavathy and more legends from Chittorgarh

Padmavathy may be in the news for all the wrong reasons but there are always several great reasons to visit Chittorgarh.

Taling Chan Floating Market – a photo feature

Taling Chan Floating Market, Bangkok, Thailand

Another vendor at Taling Chan Floating Market

Markets in Thailand are a way of life as they blend with the fabric of the country. Here is a photo essay on the Taling Chan Floating Market near Bangkok

I, me, my coffee and the story of the bean

History of coffee in India

Inside a drying yard

Every cup of coffee tells a story and this time, it is the history of coffee in India . The story behind India’s coffee plantations. Read here for more

Five Best Day Trips from Copenhagen

Five best day trips out of Copenhagen

From fairy tale towns to fishing villages, here are five best day trips from Copenhagen.

Camping under the stars at Pangong Tso

camps at Pangong lake, Pangong Tso, lakes of Ladakh, things to do in Ladakh

Like a painting it peeps out of the mountains

It is once in a lifetime experience and here is our adventure – and no, it was not a sponsored activity.

The story behind Lonavala Chikki

Pic Courtesy – Prabhas Roy , Shutterstock

Next time you bite into the delicious Lonavala chikki, here is a little backstory behind its origins.

Time travel to Karla – Bhaja Caves near Lonavala

Karla Bhaja Caves

The story behind how Lonavala got its name – a visit to the Karla Bhaja Caves gives you a perspective

When a deer gets drunk and more stories from Munich

Top ten things to do in Munich

The Bavarian capital is where you get hung over and listen to tales. Here are some quirky stories from Munich

Diamond Triangle of Odisha – Lalitgiri, Udayagiri and Ratnagiri

The courtyard is filled with heads of Buddha

My favourite among all the stories from Odisha is on the Buddhist Triangle , a getaway from Bhubaneshwar

A wildlife safari in Kruger National Park

safari in Kruger National Park, Kruger National Park safari, the Kruger National Park, Sabi Sabi Game Reserve

A lone giraffe crosses the road

South Africa was one amazing experience. Staying in Sabi Sabi, here is my encounter with the Big Five

The St Patricks Day Parade in Ireland

Dublin St Patricks Day parade

Straight from the zoo

Think Ireland and you think quirky. The photo essay says it all

The Tamil Quarters of Pondicherry – a photo essay

Pondicherry Heritage town

While everyone visits the French Quarters, across the canal in Pondicherry lies the Tamil Quarters with its unique architecture

Birding in Mangalajodi – where poachers turned naturalists

migratory birds, Odisha, Chilka Lake, Mangalajodi, brahminy shelduck

Brahminy shelducks in Mangalajodi

This was my first story in 2017 and it is a destination that is close to my heart.

Seven frequently asked questions on Travel Blogging

how to get paid for travel blogging

Pic Courtesy – Shutterstock, Amirul Syaidi

Crowd sourced questions on travel blogging – answered here

Why Travel Blogging is not Just about Travel Writing

There is a huge difference between travel blogging and travel writing, even as careers. Read on to know more

Barter bills do not always pay your bills

Need I say more ? The title says it all. Tips to become a pro travel blogger.

Which is your favourite of this list ? Do drop in a comment and let me know what kind of stories you would like to read in 2018







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